3 Bollywood Celebrities Who Fought Against Addiction Before The 2022.

Their mental health and addiction robbed them of their lives and moments and led some to death.

Bollywood has always looked glamorous. But in every flawless journey, the flaws arrive in people’s lives. History gives us a preview of artists such as poets, painters, musicians, writers, actors, etc., who were addicted to alcohol and drugs. The great artists have died either of addiction or syphilis. In the business of entertainment, anyone smoking marijuana was looked down upon. Generally, theatre artists smoked weed. But not all of the celebrities. The Alcohol was celebrated just like a sweet old cousin.

“Millions of Indians are dependent on alcohol, cannabis, and opiates, and drug misuse is a pervasive phenomenon in Indian society,” says a report, published jointly by the UN office on Drugs and crime and India’s Ministry of Social Justice. 

It is an excuse for a celebration, but even the Bollywood industry people who served in the industry for a long period came across as struggling and exhausted mentally. Their mental health and addiction robbed them of their lives and moments and led some to death. The Trending Bollywood celebs who struggled behind their constant glamour mask, let’s find out these celebrities:

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is vocal about his journey about addiction. He admitted to trying every drug. His name is found in controversies and crimes. In the year 2007, he was accused of being part of the Mumbai blast; he was found guilty later. He was caught with AK-56 rifles, it was an illegal weapon which led to more speculation for him. Sanjay Dutt event about prisoned for 6year by the supreme court of India. Dutt shared in his autobiographical movie about his journey, he was addicted to heroin and cocaine which made his life quite tough. Dutt spent 2years in the rehab center; he fought to survive.

Addiction Of Alcohol And Drugs.


 Sanjay Dutt is vocal about his journey about addiction.

Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt is one of the known actresses who has been bold and vocal about her journey. She recently celebrated her 5 years of sober years. She posted a black and white picture with the caption, “Sober is the new sexy. Five years sober today. Gratitude. Humility. Liberty.” She adds hashtags “sobriety rocks”, “five years sober”, “sober is the new black”, “one day at a time” and “one step at a time. She has fought her addiction battle and stood firm in her journey. Her journey encourages the women to be bold, vulnerable and to survive the battle the addiction. Even her recent web-series Bombay begums include Pooja Bhatt, Shahana Goswami, Amruta Subhash, and Plabita Borthakur in the lead roles, it explores the lives of five ambitious women and shows their dreams, desires, and disappointments. 

Addiction Of Alcohol And Drugs.


She recently celebrated her 5 years of sober years.

Prateik Babbar

Prateik Babbar is a known Bollywood actor whose career started with “Janne Tu Ya Jaane Na in 2008. He was part of dhobi ghatt, Dum Maro Dum, and Ek Deewana Tha movies; he outshine the roles he has been given. In an interview, he said “What saved me from drowning mentally and emotionally, and I say saved because I thought everything was over for me and my career was done with, the love and passion for the arts. It must have been 2016-17 when I went clean of alcohol and drugs for a few months in a row. I could think with a clear head. That’s when I started missing my work”.

He chooses to be bold and courageous about it. In his works, he gives his best work and time to it. Part of the reason for the slump in his career was because drugs and alcohol, draining him. Even during this tuff journey as a celebrity to overcome the addiction journey and; keep up with their work makes his effort valuable to the industry. 

But, some of them survived through constant denial, discipline, and being open about their struggle; impacted other celebrities or fighters. You might not know some of these celebrities because of their constant glamour mask. These are some Bollywood fighters who choose to be vocal about their struggle. What are your opinions about it?

Addiction Of Alcohol And Drugs.
That’s when I started missing my work”



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