3 Indian Card Games That Can Make You The Maharaja

We Are Going Into The World of Decks – Where There is Gambling, Zest, and Too Much Fun. But This Time We Are Going Indian Baby!

If you don’t gamble, you’ll never win” said Charles Bukowski – an American poet and novelist. When you hear from a writer himself to gamble, what more do you need? Well, not since today or tomorrow – gambling has been an integral part of our culture from decades. There is nothing wrong or illegal about gambling if we see it as a mere game that pleasures our senses and is also a stress buster. Talking about one of the avidly participating audiences in the sphere of gambling is that of Indians. We love to gamble – as much as it has now become a part of our culture. This might be due to us being the second most populated country in the world or Indians are actually busting their stress more often that being in stress. Whatever the case may be, today we are going to play some gambling games – Indian Style!



If you hail from an Indian household, you must have played or heard the term of “Teen Patti”. Literally meaning “Three Cards” in English – Teen Patti is the Indian version of the game of three cards.

card games

If you hail from an Indian household, you must have played or heard the term of “Teen Patti”.

How To Play -:

  1. You first goal is to select a dealer and for that, each player needs to draw a card and the player with the highest number will be the first to play the turn.
  2. Placing the bet will be the second prominent part of the game, you can choose poker chips for the same. This will increase the enthusiasm as the player will have something to fight for.
  3. The dealer will now shuffle the deck and distribute cards upside down. Now, the player with the first turn will see the cards and place a bet/ stake. He/she will decide how much he has to bet. He will also decide whether he wants to be seen or play blind.
  4. According to the previous player’s turn, the next player will place a bet. The stake can vary from 2X to 4X.
  5. When there are 4 players left in the game, the acting player can call for a slide show – meaning that the other players have to either accept or deny the request of showing their cards secretly. The player with the least favourable number gets eliminated.
  6. The last two remaining players has to bet for a showdown. Either of the players will call for a showdown – the other player has to show his/her cards and the player with highest ranking card wins the game.

Not only a game of cards, but India has also dedicated a Bollywood movie inspired by this gamble. Satte Pe Satta literally meaning “Seven on Sevens”. As aspiring as its name is, it is one of the easiest yet interesting Indian game of deck out there.

card games

Not only a game of cards, but India has also dedicated a Bollywood movie inspired by this gamble.

How To Play -:

  1. Not very complex in nature, this is a very simple game. Starting with a 52-card deck, the dealer starts the game by distributing the cards. To start the game, you need a seven of hearts – whosoever has it, gets the first turn.
  2. As the seven of hearts is placed, you have to place a card that creates a sequence. This number can be either 6 or 8. The sequence will continue and players will place their cards accordingly clockwise.
  3. If 10 of any patterns is on the table, you can play J, Q, K according to the sequence. If someone doesn’t have the number next in the sequence, He/she can say “Pass” and the game continues.
  4. The player who finishes his cards in the hand the first – will be declared as the winner.

Taken from the popular counterpart 304, Twenty-eight is the India card game that most of you must be aware of. It includes nine cards and four players and a lot of tricks. Either four or more, try to set the number of players in even numbers.

card games

Twenty-eight includes nine cards and four players and a lot of tricks.

How To Play -:

  1. Unlike Satte pe Satta, this game just needs 32 cards out the of the old 52 deck. This game is based on value and the descending basic combination for this game is J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7.
  2. Jacks = 3 points each Nines = 2 points each Aces = 1 point each Tens = 1 point each Other cards = (K, Q, 8, 7) no points
  3. Initially, four cards are dealt and the player sitting right to the dealer places his bid (in a form of a number) This bid should be greater than 14. The cards will be placed facedown and the bids will keep going until someone calls for a showdown and the dealer reveals the four cards.
  4. The player with highest number of points will be declared as the winner of the game.


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