Aged Like a Wine, Scores Ten out of Nine 

Let the Bars drop this Christmas and Give Your Eyes the Object of Desire They Wanted from Years!

Napoleon Hill once quoted “The starting point of all achievement is desire”. The desire to be popular, rich, and healthy have been the three most common things that one could think of when a genie asks you about your only three wishes.

As nothing comes without a price, your desire also needs fuel to keep the fire going; hard work. Men for example have very distinctive tastes and their likings differ from person to person. For some cars could be the desire, and some may like expensive cars, but the zest for owning the thing you like remains there.

Today, keeping your zest and desire to celebrate a hedonistic Christmas with your family, we have bought something that might make it to your list, check it out!

The sheer passion and love for alcohol are never-ending. Alcohol is like Michael Jackson was to the pop culture, wherever you go, you’ll find a fan craving for it. Some people might not enjoy a party if alcohol isn’t in it, that’s how much important it is.

Well, some might overdo it, some just adore the way it looks and feel. For some, alcohol is an experience that is to be enjoyed at the moment, they do not drink for a party but for tasting what heaven feels on your tongue.

For these people, today’s star is Penfolds Ampoule. Made in 2012, Ampoule feels and looks like it is from out of this world. The perfection wrapped in a body just reminds me of pure glamour. Euphoria is what can be felt suddenly all around you when you’ll the bottle itself.

Four of Southern Australia’s finest craftsmen used their hands to make this piece of art. You get an ownership and authenticity certificate with only 12 bottles ever made. These bottles are also numbered separately. Penfold calls it the “Wine Art”.

Price: Rs. 1,33,00,000

Completing the bottle opening experience, whenever you decide to open the bottle, a senior member from the winemaking team will visit you and celebrate the auspicious occasion with you. The glass engulfing the fine wine is hand-blown by Nick Mount.

In the bottle, you’ll find 2004’s Kallima Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon. This project represents how beautiful art could be, it makes alcohol feel like an experience. The whole package that Penfold provide is quite astonishing and who knows, maybe this could be your Christmas present?

What is It: Penfolds Ampoule Limited Edition

Price: Rs. 1,33,00,000



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