Balenciaga Does it Again – Hopping on the Nonsensical Fashion Train, Yet Again

When talking about nonsensical fashion, Balenciaga always manages to make a place on the list. Take a look at the latest product to give a miss.

When talking about fashion, one makes sure to follow the latest trends. But, if the latest trend is absolutely nonsensical, is it worth following? Brands never fail to amaze us with their weird and strange creations in the name of fashion. While some style statements create a splash, some deserve to be given a wide berth. And when it comes to the brands that create them, Balenciaga never fails to come up with the better-avoided ones. This time, the brand has collaborated with Frito-Lay for its latest handbag line. Let’s see what fruits this labour has yielded.



Feeding the fire of bizarre trends, Balenciaga has come up with a Lays packet to be carried as a handbag.




Feeding the fire of bizarre trends yet again, Balenciaga has come up with a Lays packet to be carried as a handbag. The bag looks exactly like a packet of potato chips and is certainly a weird fashion statement to be setting. This is a part of Balenciaga’s collaboration with Lay’s following which, it launched the bag as part of its Summer 23 collection. And one of these bags was also showcased at the Paris Fashion Week.

Talking about the bag, it has a foldable and light material. It also has a zipper. The bag also has the Lay’s logo on it. The bag has gone viral, and has been mocked mercilessly. A huge chunk of people have been left disappointed with the design – this also includes us. Buying a Lay’s packet at luxury prices sure seems to be something that should be best avoided, But, if you’re a food lover, this could be a good collectible to add to your collection. There is a huge variety of such bags available out there, after all.




One of these bags was also showcased at the Paris Fashion Week.



Balenciaga’s previous nonsensical bag offering: When Designers Seek Inspiration From Trash – Literally!

From baguettes to sundaes, to even toothpaste shaped bags, we’ve certainly seen it all. And given Balenciaga’s latest streak of non-sense trends, we’re not that surprised. We believe in giving one chance to everything, and if you share that belief, you could give this bag a chance as well. Just make sure to not carry it anywhere you’re likely to be mocked. And if we can fill it with chips to eat sneakily, all the more better, right?



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