Dive In The Luxury Of Ameesha Patel

The cute kid of bollywood, whose debut ripped our testosterones apart, promises a lot of luxury and grandeur in the following pages. However, it’s her all kinds of sexiness that we couldn’t help but capture. Flip the pages and live in the splendour of this patel ni chhokri!


FHM: Hello Ameesha, how did you like your first shoot with FHM?

Ameesha Patel: Well, it was a lot of fun. Everything was well organised. The clothes were really sleek and sexy. Normally when you look at FHM, it’s like in-your-face sexy and raunchy, but I guess, you guys realised my personality and kept it more beautiful rather than lusty. It was very high end, everything from shoes to clothes, exactly like I would wear even in my normal life.

I think we’ve captured quite an interesting side of your personality in the shoot. How much further can we coax you to go in the next one?

Let’s see! I thought it was a very creative shoot. It had a storyline to it. There was a concept, with me waking up, having my cup of coffee and then getting ready, putting on my makeup and then finally ready to step out. Let’s see what you’re able to do the next time when we meet!

What do you think is the best part for a girl in the process of such a concept?

The best part about getting ready for a girl is when she is confident that she’s got her look right. And the most difficult part is about choosing what to wear. A girl can never have enough clothes. Even if her wardrobe is full, she will never have enough. Putting things in the right order, whether it’s the shoes, makeup or jewellery, it’s got to be in the right place. That, I think, is the best part.

We’re a bit curious. Why do girls usually take so much time in getting ready?

I can’t speak for all girls, but I don’t take much time to get ready at all. In my real life, I’m a very casual person. I can step out with minimal makeup and casual clothes. That’s how I am!

How much time do you take to finally get out of your room and say, ‘I’m ready!’?

On a normal day, not more than half an hour, I swear! I’m out of my room after brushing, having my cup of coffee, wearing any casual dress, with a little bit of lip gloss, that’s it!

Ameesha Patel 4

I’m out of my room after brushing, having my cup of coffee, wearing any casual dress, with a little bit of lip gloss, that’s it!

What do you think is your sexiest physical attribute? We feel that it’s your cuteness that attracts a lot of attention.

You think it’s my cuteness that works? Thank you for that. I think it’s my mind that’s the sexiest. I don’t find myself sexy at all. People have said that it’s my lips, my eyes, my body, but I don’t see how. Hrithik used to tell me that you are naturally sexy and you don’t need to do anything. I feel that the sexiest part of it is when you don’t think about your sexuality!

Let’s talk about you as a person now. Tell us more about yourself…

I’m a child woman. I can be like an extreme kid at heart. And I can be extremely mature when I have to. I live for my work and am a very hard working person. I’m very open with people I know. I am an avid reader and a traveller. I love travelling to different places. I love visiting museums, and historical architectures attract my attention. I love to be socially and politically aware. If you give me an option to sit with a bunch of corporates and a lunch with women, I would love to sit with the corporates and have financial discussions. When it’s time to party, I could party till 7 in the morning. I love cricket and football. Call me on a chat show and I would not mess up with politicians’ names. I would actually love to discuss politics. I love watching TV shows as well. I have two sides to me and I love them both.

How splendid was your childhood and what’s the naughtiest memory you have from your younger days?

My childhood was very educative and political. I was very lucky to grow up seeing politicians coming to our house. Even Bollywood celebs were very close to our family, so all in all it was a very happening childhood. I had a very royal upbringing. My parents were also socialites, so I got to spend time with the crème de la crème of the society at an early age, both nationally and internationally. I learnt Bharatanatyam and was the head girl of my school. I got to learn a lot from my grandparents, as also from the trips that I took all around the world. To tell you the truth, there was nothing naughty, but a lot of education and travelling involved in my growing up years!

So, how did a nerd like you, a Gold medalist in Economics, turn into an actress?

Oh, it was merely a thing of chance. I was actually working as an economic analyst at the Khandwala Securities Limited. It’s one of the top firms. I didn’t want to join my father’s business, and have myself called daddy’s little girl. I wanted my own identity. My father and Rakesh Roshan are school friends and he knew me since I was a kid. I had returned after studies and once it happened that Mr Roshan came for a family wedding and saw me. The next thing I knew was that I had to start shooting in five days for Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai.

Gadar Ek Prem Katha recently celebrated 15 years of its release. What’s the best memory of the movie that you still cherish?

Gadar, for me, has every moment that I will cherish for my whole life. It was a film that we worked with our heart and soul. There is a train sequence where I tell Sunny, Kisi ko Hindustan chahiye aur kisi ko Pakistan chahiye. Insaano ko toh insaano ki kadar hi nahi hai. For that scene I almost got myself killed. I’d gotten so engrossed in the character that the train was about to hit me and I didn’t realise it. They had to pull me away. I may not have been here if they hadn’t. There are so many memories that I can write a book on it.

Ameesha Patel

I may not have been here if they hadn’t. There are so many memories that I can write a book on it.

You’ve done a few sexy dance numbers. Any chance of us seeing you again in that avatar?

Oh, Desi Magic, my next home production, has got so much sexiness in it that you will have a hard time (winks). If you think that a Humraaz or Bardaasht or a Lazy Lamhe was sexy, then Desi Magic is going to outdo all of that. Talking of music, what are your favourite tracks that you’re listening to these days? I go from mood to mood. I can listen to Jagjit Singh ji one day and I can even listen to French music. I listen to a lot of dance numbers. I have got a wide range and knowledge of music.

There’s a lot of drama around and against censorship in India. What’s your take on censoring a film’s content?

You know, it’s not gonna stop people from seeing what they want. There’s a lot worse content available on internet than Indian films can show. If a story demands certain things, it has got to remain that way. We can’t be regressive in our thinking. Why to stop creativity at this age? In fact, censoring makes you want to see it more. That’s what I feel.

What do you do for anger management?

I’m like a bottle of champagne, which needs to let it all out. I vent out when I know I can. I don’t keep it within me and go bitch in front of someone else.

Five things that a man should do to get your attention.

Be honest. Never pretend to be someone else. Be intelligent. I don’t like a dumb guy. Cleanliness is very important for me. A generous man who knows how to treat his lady well. A man has to be one who can stand up for something and not be a lazy bum.

Five things that will turn you off.

Dishonesty, bad manners, rudeness, arrogance and people who ill-treat others are complete no-no for me.

Ameesha Patel 1

Dishonesty, bad manners, rudeness, arrogance and people who ill-treat others are complete no-no for me.

The last time we heard, you were single. Are you dating someone now?

Nope! The stats haven’t changed since 6-7 years now (haha).

Talking of men… who has been the most comfortable actor to work with in your 16 year old Bollywood career.

All of them. I have a great camaraderie with Salman, Bobby, Sunny, Akshaye and Hrithik. I don’t belong to any camp. There is no favouritism with me. Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt too are great friends. And luckily I have had affairs with no body, so I feel I’m a safe bet for wives to leave their husbands with because I’m no husband snatcher.

Is there a phobia or fear that you’d like to conquer?

No, I have no fears at all. I have been under water, I have done quite a lot of adventure sports. I have lived on my own and fought my battles alone, so there’s no phobia of anything.

Do you have a tattoo? If you were to get one where would that be?

I would like to get a ‘his and her’ kind of a tattoo. When I get a ‘him’ in life, I would go for that tattoo.

What do you prefer, cars or bikes? Are you a proud owner of a mean machine.

I prefer cars! As far as owning one here is concerned, Mumbai doesn’t allow you to have any. The best you could get is a rickshaw (laughs). But in London, I love to drive Ferrari and Lamborghini! I have an Audi Q7 here, though!

Ameesha Patel 3

But in London, I love to drive Ferrari and Lamborghini! I have an Audi Q7 here, though!

What are the five things that you’d like to have if you were stranded on an island?

My hand sanitiser, soap, mobile phone with a never-ending battery, a book to read and I hope I have a lamp that I can rub any time and call the genie to do some work for me.

Pick one and give a reason.

  1. Cats or dogs – Neither. You get attached to them and then they go away. I hate that feeling!
  2. Hindi or Gujarati – Both! I can’t pick one.
  3. Voluptuous figure or size zero – Voluptuous. It’s sexy! I don’t believe in size zero.
  4. Rakesh Roshan or Anil Sharma – Both.
  5. Dancing or acting – I love both, again!
  6. Sunny Deol or Hrithik Roshan – Both! I can’t chose between them.
  7. Arranged marriage or a lesbian affair – Arranged marriage.

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the following word:

  1. Love – Everything!
  2. Sex – Essential part of every person’s life.
  3. Condoms – Must use to avoid any sort of complication.
  4. Grapes – Very fattening food.
  5. FHM – Super hot! Super sexy! Super classy.

We’ve missed you a lot on the screen. When do we see you next?

With my home production, Desi Magic and Bhaiyyaji Superhitt, which is my second movie with Sunny, you will see me by the end of this year on the screen.



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