Taylor Lautner Is Dating Tay Dome, Get To Know All About Her Fiance’

Tay Dome revealed betrayal that she had a crush on Edward Cullen, this viral reel of Taylor Lautner’s fiancé is becoming a discussion on the internet.

Taylor Lautner, played a vital character as Jacob Black was part of the most popular teenager movie called “Twilight Saga”. You must have remembered the two teams, Team Edward or Team Jacob. These popular celebrities, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison became a limelight to their fans. Taylor Lautner movies such as Abduction, Twilight Saga breaking: breaking dawn, Twilight, Sharkboy Lavagirl 3D and endless parts of Twilight has made his fandom stronger, till this date!

Taylor Lautner, became a huge celebrity crush in 2008. You will not believe, one of Twilight fan’s dreams came true when Taylor Lautner asked that fan out on a date! She gave a betrayal punch with this trending reel revealing her celebrity crush from Twilight was Edward Cullen, damn. We got a new Bella.

Though this funny reel on his childhood crush to the person ended up with, has surprised fans. That Tay Dome and Taylor Lautner are actually dating, they plan to get married soon. If you are thinking about his previous Taylor swift whom Taylor Lautner dated back in 2009, end up with Tay Dome, it did startle the netizen. Here’s what a Jacob Fan has to say about this couple.

Taylor Lautner

Tay Dome Instagram reel got viral on the internet.

Who is Taylor Dome?

Taylor Dome is a nurse, she did her graduation in Nursing school. Nursing has become one of biggest passions and she is eager to work as a nurse, start saving lives. Taylor Dome was spotted at graduation day with Taylor Laurent, she even expressed that Taylor Laurent (AKA Jacob from Twilight) was her biggest supporter when she felt like quitting .

Surprisingly, Taylor cooked all the meals when she was too busy studying and completing her assignments. Taylor even mentioned that he helped her in studies as well, “Thank you for quizzing me and pronouncing medical terms and abbreviations. For your calming hugs when I get an anxiety attack and supporting endlessly. You mean the world to me, I would not be where I am today without you”. This couple surely looks like a sitcom.

Taylor Lautner

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner proposal to Tay dome (Twilight fan).

How did she meet his dream celebrity crush Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lauter’s sister Makena Moore, introduced his brother to Taylor Dome and Makena Moore is a close friend of Dome, their first meet-up set up by her sister. According to People, Lautner mentioned, My sister Makena Moore introduced us. She called me and said Dude I found your future wife, you need to meet this girl! ” Through the rest of the things the relationship proudly and openly revealed in their Instagram


Taylor Laurent proposal to Dome

Over Team Edward, Team Jacob got the girl. Well, Taylor did propose to dome on 11th Nov 2021. Just as she asked for ‘simple’, he made it special that way. He mentioned, “Just like that, all of my wishes came true”.

Taylor Laurent and Taylor Dome disclosed a level-up in their relationship. She mentioned her engagement picture and said, “My absolute best friend, i cannot wait to spend my forever with you”.



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