Tollywood Mahesh Babu and more celebs Tested positive – Is this New Year Hotspot for COVID?

Is this New year’s Hotspot for covid? Many Tollywood celebrities are getting infected by
the COVID-19 in 2022, Mahesh Babu, Thaman Shivkumar, Manchu Laxmi, and other celebrities got
infected by this spreading disease. Want to know more? Read!

Sarkaru Vaari Paata the new Tollywood movie of Mahesh Babu might be delayed. As we came near to the 2022 year, the new covid omicron stepped in this year. The saddening part of this covid, it led to a hotspot where Tollywood celebrities were present. Read below to inform you.

Mahesh Babu went out with his family to Burj Khalifa, where he posted a picture. After the 2nd day he posted a written text to inform his fans that he tested positive for COVID-19 and has mild symptoms. He is quarantined at home and took medicine according to the medical guidelines. Mahesh Babu’s sister-in-law and Namratha’s sister also tested positive for Corona.






Tollywood celebrity went out with his family to Burj khalifa and after the trip Mahesh babu tested positive.

Thaman Shivkumar got tested positive, after a party with Sivakarthikeyan Doss, Naveen Polishetty, Director Anudeep, and others. Wrote a caption last night!! Was my first night I laughed so much lol with this bunch of timing genius humans. He also met Mahesh babu during the shoot which was in Dubai. After the end of the party day, he posted on his Instagram. (Hello everybody, I have tested positive for covid-19 with mild symptoms, Even though I took all the necessary precautions and being double vaccinated I have quarantined myself and am following safety protocols under the advice of my doctors. Ended with a request to the people with whom he came in contact and wrote to get tested, be safe.



After this party Sivakarthikeyan Doss, Naveen Polishetty, Director Anudeep, and others were tested Covid positive

Even, Telugu actress and Manchu Mohan Babu daughter Manchu Lakshmi announced on Instagram that she is infected with Covid just 2 days back. The latest Tollywood star Parambrata  Chattopadhyay also tested positive for Covid-19. He tweeted, Had mild symptoms in Mumbai on the 27th, but had tested negative. After returning from Kolkata on the 30th, tested positive after the 2nd day.

The common factor in all these Tollywood stars as they went out on new year’s eve. After two days or a day later, they got mild symptoms and tested Covid positive. Though Covid is unpredictable in 2022 but, the hotspot of Covid was not. According to us, the covid spread the most in a New year during the time the celebrities were in sets and with crews. They were traveling and meeting in an intimate gathering which led to the rapid spreading of the corona.

As some celebs have mentioned in their social media posts they took double vaccination and precautions which is essential. This 2022 corona also has mild symptoms and is asymptomatic which led to no realization of having the covid symptoms. This disease getting infected by most of the Tollywood stars, the international shoots are to be taken seriously by directors and actors. It is time to be more cautious. Let’s root and wait until our Tollywood stars recover. And hope these covid safety guidelines are taken by the industries, intensely.


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