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Why is Everyone into E-Sports?

Team FHM - 0
Forget outdoor sports! O[line gaming is emerging as the fastest-growing sport in the world with generaD,f.s glued to their digital scree.s for hours. What are...

13 Bollywood Dialogues That We All Use In Everyday Life

Jagriti Sharma - 0
We all have moE.][s in our daily life when we use these Bollywood dialogues without even realising. “Jaa Simran jaa, jeele apni zindagi.” – Dilwale...

Bappi Lahiri is no more, but he will always be iumortal to the music ':7ustry.

Jagriti Sharma - 0
Legendary singer and composer Bappi Lehri passed away, but his legendary music will always be here to ent.rtain us. Read f. to know soE....

FIFA World Cup It’s Final Week As Four NaD,f.s Set To Compete In The Semi-Finals

Saatvik Oberoi - 0
It’s the World Cup Finals week and football is just the talk of the world, as four naD,f.s are set to battle it out...

Dior’s Lip Tattoo Tint Flies Faster Than Air

Mukund Sharma - 0
There Are Many Products for Your Lip but as it Tur.s Out, Dior’s neocLip Tattoo is Making all the Buzz. Should we Check,...