Sunil Grover Doctor says he had ‘blockages in all 3 major arteries, Kapil Sharma showed concern

Coffee with D actor, Sunil Grover health has been critical and concerning. His character is known for his comedy, after his last funny post on 25 Jan, he went through a heart surgery on 27 January. Even his cast friends from the Kapil Sharma comedy, reacted to this current event and said, I am extremely concerned. To know the update, KEEP ON READING!

Sunil Grover also known as comedic character Gutthi, the news of his heart-attack spread all over the media. Actor heart surgery took place on 27th of January. He went through the surgery for seven days, he got admitted in Asian Heart Institute. Asian Heart Institute, Dr. Dora said, Sunil had experienced chest pain and was asked to get admitted to a hospital, so he came to our hospital. After examining him, it was determined that he had a heart attack. He had to undergo an ECG, cardiogram, and several blood tests.

Another disease which got observed in Sunil Grover health, doctor mentioned, He had also tested positive for Covid-19, but he had no symptoms. Huge amount of people are testing positive for Covid-19 and not experiencing any symptoms. We had to treat him Covid-19 too. He went through an angiography and we found some blockage in all three arteries, hence recommended him to get a bypass surgery.

Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover heart surgery took place on 27th of January.

One of the statements was said by the doctor, Sunil had first consulted with the doctor on January 8. Sunil angiogram showed blockage in all 3 major heart (coronary) arties with block in 2 arteries and 70-90% of it was blocked in third arteries from his chest. Sunil’s health was quite critical.

Fans and cast reacted to Sunil Grovers health news. One of the fans wrote, Get well soon sir.

Another celebrity, Kapil Sharma who was with Sunil, spoke, I was totally shocked and I am extremely concerned about Sunil health. I had sent him a message but obviously he just got discharged on Thursday, so I cannot expect a message back from him. He had to go through a heart surgery at a very young age, but he will be fine soon. I have asked about his health from our common friends. Working in the same industry, we have many friends and they regularly update me about his well-being and health.

Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover spotted after his discharge from the hospital.

Dr. Ramakanta Panda, chief cardiac surgeon did the surgery. Sunil Grover has recovered and is set to be discharged. Dr. Dora said this to the media on Thursday. The doctor mentioned, Since he had a heart attack, he needs to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of his diet. He is exercising regularly, and will have to continue that. He is asked to take complete rest at home after discharge. He will go through cardiac rehabilitation in a week. He has been informed about the same. He will recover completely in two to three weeks.

Though, this news about Sunil Grover is concerning and critical that he went through the surgery, but his surgery as doctors confirmed, went well. he recently got spotted after the discharge from his surgery. He is currently in the period of healing and recovery.



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