Akshay Kumar Apologises after controversy; says ‘I Step Back’

Akshay Kumar posted an apology note announcing his decision to step back from endorsing a tobacco brand

In the early hours of Thursday, Akshay Kumar left his fans in shock when he issued an apology on his social media account. Well, for those who are wondering what made the actor say ‘sorry’, then you need to keep reading to know what made the Khiladi of Bollywood land into a controversy.

Being a public figure and influential personality, it becomes extremely important for Bollywood stars to be careful about their actions and decisions. But sometimes, celebrities are criticised for their choices and decisions that they might regret later. Something of that sort has happened with the Khiladi No 1 of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar.

akshay kumar ad

Akshay joined the already existing brand ambassadors Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan for an ad. 

Akshay issued a statement on Thursday on his social media accounts, after he was brutally trolled and criticised for his association with the brand Vimal, which is a tobacco company. Well, what happened was that Vimal, which sells tobacco products along with its pan masala, had recently got Akshay on board as the brand ambassador of the brand. A few days ago, Akshay appeared in an ad for the brand along with two other actors, Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. SRK and Ajay are already the brand ambassadors of Vimal but when fans and netizens saw Akshay in the ad sequence with such a brand, the internet flooded with criticism and brutal comments.

akshay kumar ad

The actor was brutally trolled and backlashed for promoting a tobacco brand.

Akshay Kumar, who is considered to be one of the fittest actors in the entertainment industry has always promoted a healthy lifestyle in his movies as well as in real life. But after watching him endorse such a brand, netizens couldn’t keep up with the difference between the actor’s words and actions, and the amount of backlash Akshay has faced is immense. Due to this, the actor had apologised mentioning he will be careful while making his future decisions and will contribute the complete endorsement fee by the brand for a noble cause.  

akshay kumar ad

Akshay issued an apology stating that he is stepping down as the brand ambassador.

When Akshay Kumar stated his apology on his social media, it surprised many of his fans when they looked at it. Well, here we are not really talking about the words, but the timing of the post. The actor, who is known for his disciplined lifestyle and punctuality, posted the apology late at night around 1 am. To this, some of his fans jokingly commented on the post like, ‘Soye Nahi Abhi tak?’ (Haven’t you slept yet), ‘Arey aap ab tak kaise jaag rahe ho?’ (How are you up at this hour), ‘9 baj Gaye hai aur Abhi tak soye nahi’ (it’s 9 already and you haven’t slept).

However, some of the fans also defended their favourite actor by commenting about how difficult it is for celebrities to work in this industry as they are always criticised. Netizens had also shared several memes and old videos on the internet, where the actor can be seen speaking against tobacco and alcohol products and saying that he would never promote such brands.