Bollywood Child Actors Who Are No Longer Acting

From Ali Haji to Jhanak Shukla, here we tell you about the child actors who were once famous but forgotten as they have grown up.

Mumbai, the city of dreams needs no introduction. This city is not only the financial capital of India but is also known for its glitz and glam. Several people daily came there with their dreams of becoming an actor or famous and getting a name & fame but only a few can make it. Some get success in a very early stage but sometimes their success holds for a short period. Over the years, we saw so many faces in this entertainment industry but we only remember a few, who made it big.

We don’t intend to make you feel old, but time does fly. Today, we talk about those child actors who got fame at a very early stage but some failed to impress the audience as they grew up and some choose a different career path. You gonna definitely feel nostalgic after looking at them. Take a look at their evolution in photos here:

Parnaaz Dastur

Child actors





Did you recognize this guy? We’ll give you a hint, which make your work easy. You have to guess this artist’s name with his famous dialogue “Tussi Ja Rahe Ho? Tussi Na Jao” Shah Rukh Khan’s starrer iconic movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, which was also the debut film of Karan Johar as a director. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Parnaaz Dastur, the same sweet, little boy, who’s not little anymore. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is still the most loved film by audiences because of so many reasons, such as dialogues, songs, and moments but this is also one of the reasons we love this movie. This dialogue of Parnaaz Dastur still echoes in everyone’s ears. However, we forgot him with time and he quit acting and chose his career as a writer and producer, as he grew up.

Jhanak Shukla

Child actors





Did you forget this “Karishma Ka Karishma” fame Jhanak Shukla, who is no longer working as an actor. This cutie was once famous for her role as a robot girl in the Karishma Ka Karishma TV serial and she also works in a few films such as Kal Ho Naa Ho as Gia Kapur sister of Preity Zinta. She had a pivotal role in that movie. Now, she studied Archeology and completed her MBA during the lockdown. She said once in her interview that she didn’t quit acting intentionally but her parents insisted her to studies further. By that time, she was no longer interested in the acting field.

Ali Haji

Child actors





Remember this bright-smile, mischievous character of Salman Khan and Govinda starrer “Partner” movie and he also played a character of Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji’s son in Ta Ra Rum Pum. He won the Best Child Actor Award at the New York Indian Film festival in 2019. Well, that little mischievous boy is 23 now, but his cuteness and his bright smile aren’t lost at all. Ali Haji is now an owner of a theatre production house named clean slate studio and written two plays.

Swini Khara

Child actors





How could we forget to mention this cutie of “Cheeni Kum” fame Swini Khara. This popular child actress once drooled our hearts with her mischievous character in Baa Bahoo and Baby. she had done several films as a child artist. She was last seen in Neeraj Pandey’s M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, in which she played the role of the younger version of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s sister Jayanti. Recently, she’s been in the headlines for her engagement with the love of her life Urvish Desai.

Aditya Narayan

Child actors





You knew this star for his singing and anchoring skills, but did you know he was once famous as a child actor. Yes, you heard right. Aditya Narayan was part of SRK starred Pardes and Salman Khan starred Jab pyaar kisi se hota hai . But failed to win the audience’s heart with his acting skills as he grew up.



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