Did Megan Fox Hinted At Break-Up With Machine Gun Kelly?

Looks Like There Is Some Trouble In The Love Paradise of Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly As The Actress Deletes All Her Instagram Posts With Beau MGK.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, the pair that makes the most headlines in Hollywood, appear to be having relationship issues. The removal of evidence of their interactions on social media and the publishing of cryptic posts are all signals that they are breaking up, at least that is the rumour flying around. Are all these a sign of a breakup between Fox and MGK? How did it happen? Why is this happening?

Fans of Megan Fox have been left to wonder if she and Machine Gun Kelly split up. The actress recently shared a mysterious caption on Instagram that echoed Beyonce. She used the phrase “taste the dishonesty,” which was popularised by Beyonce’s classic “Pray You Catch Me” music video.

Megan Fox



Is removing all the posts on Instagram a sign of a breakup between Fox and MGK?




Additionally, she appears to have erased the majority of the most recent pictures of her and MGK from her Instagram grid, according to fans. Not only this, the Transformers actress posted a couple of selfies of herself posing in a restroom on Instagram, which were taken by a man who was standing next to her. However, we are still wondering who that mysterious man could be. The series of selfies was an extremely racy line-up in which she put on a busty show while wearing a plunging black top and cut-out pants.

Following the Instagram posts that were deleted by Megan, comes the big hint that is making us believe the breakup hints as the actress also deleted her official handle. Megan Fox reportedly stopped following the rapper and began following Timothee Chalamet, Harry Styles, and Eminem in her place. Social media accounts for the actress were active up until Sunday afternoon.

Megan Fox



Megan Fox posted a couple of selfies of herself posing in a restroom.




Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly made their romance known in 2020, and they also declared their engagement in January of the following year. The reported ex-couple has always been outspoken about their relationship, showing admiration for one another in public and attending events together. Earlier, Megan even wrote a lengthy Instagram post in response to his loss of the Grammy for Best Rock Album.

The duo Machine Gun and Megan Fox Kelly even mentioned a ceremony in which they ‘drank each other’s blood’. After the ceremony when the actress shared the pictures of her dreamy proposal on Instagram, fans were thrilled to take a look at the images and knowing about how the pair decided to promise each other a lifetime. They carried through this procedure after declaring their engagement as a sign of her acceptance of his proposal. On social media, they both spoke out a lot about their romance.

Megan Fox



Megan even wrote a lengthy Instagram post in response to his loss of the Grammy for Best Rock Album.




Is it a coincidence that Megan wore the exact same clothing as in the images she uploaded just hours before posting the cryptic post while she was out with MGK? As they exited Drake’s Super Bowl party together, the two were holding hands. She stood at the rock star’s side at the Grammy Awards on February 5 and paid him honour on Instagram when he didn’t win the prize for which he was nominated.



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