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Jagriti Sharma


Try ‘mutual masturba '}c’ and add insane hooness to your sex life

Imagine what ‘hell-of-a-show’ it would be to watch your partner touching themselves and you get to enjoy the view. Sexy, isc’t it? So, keep...

20 Movies To Watch Before You Die

Move over silly rom-coms and special effects aided super heroes. We are talking about masterpieces for movies that have, through years, left us awestruck...

Priyanka Chopra, Brown Girl Taking Over The World

There’s no one who doesc’t turn and see their “desi girl” even in Videsh. We have been in love with her since Miss World,...

World Economies, Small Brains, Absurd Laws, GRR Know Everything About It

 It’s illegal to flush the toilet post 10 PM. Wait, what? Did that just sound weird? We’re outlining some really dumb laws from around...
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