National Science Day: Know The Significance And Theme For This Year

From colleges to medical institutions, here’s how this special day dedicated to science is celebrated all over India.

As Rancho in 3 Idiots said, we are all the way surrounded by science from your pen’s tip to the science behind a floating ship. The concept of science was created by the human brain, and now, the discovered science is assisting us in finding solutions to problems that no one ever thought had solutions. So folks, let’s take a moment to appreciate the emerging theories and concepts of science today as we celebrate ‘National Science Day’.

science day


The concept of science was created by the human brain. 



Science day, which is also known as ‘National Science Day’ by the commoners, is a special event in India that commemorates the discovery of an important theory by a famous Indian physicist. ‘The Raman effect’ is a phenomenon that was discovered by the great Indian scientist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on February 28, 1928. What is The Raman Effect? here is the answer.

The Raman Effect alters the wavelength of light when a light beam is bent by molecules. A tiny portion of the light that travels through a transparent, dust-free sample of a chemical compound exits in the opposite direction from the incident (incoming) beam. The same wavelength makes up the majority of the scattered light. The Raman Effect is responsible for the little percentage of the light that has wavelengths different from the incident light. This phenomenon, however, came to be known as The Raman effect after the scientist’s name.

science day


National Science day commemorates the discovery of The Raman effect’ by Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on February 28, 1928. 



It was India’s first Nobel Prize in Science when Raman received the prize for this outstanding discovery two years later, in 1930. National Science Day is observed in India on this day each year to honour the discovery of this well-known phenomenon.

In 1986, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) recommended that the Indian government recognize February 28 as National Science Day. The request was approved and made official by the Indian government at the time. National Science Day was originally celebrated on February 28, 1987. The purpose of the special event is to pique the curiosity of young people about science. Throughout the nation, students are currently displaying their science projects for national science day. On the occasion of the anniversary of the ‘Raman Effect,’ the Government of India honours scientists for their contributions to science.

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Students in schools and colleges are often seen showcasing their science experiments on this day.


The purpose of National Science Day is to encourage the next generation of scientists and to increase public awareness of the contributions made by Indians to science and technology. It is a joy to discuss every topic and put new technology into practice for the advancement of science. To provide a chance for India’s scientifically inclined populace. It is a day to inspire people and spread awareness of science and technology. For students in schools and universities, a number of educational programmes and events are held on this day. When it comes to advancements in science, we can all agree that India has come a long way. Our nation has produced exceptional minds in a variety of sectors, not just science.

science day



It is a joy to put new technology into practice for the advancement of science.


This event is not only celebrated in schools and colleges but in medical institutions, and universities, as well as in research, technical & scientific institutes. It is important for the already existing and the upcoming generation to know more about days like National Science Day, so everyone in our country can celebrate it with vivacity while keeping that keenness to know more.



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