Ralph Lauren is Not-So-Borin’ 

Theme is The Most Important Part of Any Attire. Not Believing Us? Well, Read This Wordy Delight, To Put That Zest Alight!

What you wear, is what you are. Great fashion sense can not only make you look amazing but it is much more beyond that. Your personality, mood, and behaviour gets affected by what kind of fashion trends you choose for yourself. We learn while we see things, fashion works the same way. We learn and adapt. Every second there is a brilliant mind implementing a brilliant idea that would contribute in revolutionizing the world.

Keeping the psychological traits aside, who doesn’t like to look good? Everyone does, right? So, what if I tell you that the accessories which go with your clothes play a more important role than your clothes? As hard as it is to believe, it is the truth. 

Clothes do play a major role but personality flips as soon as there is a fashion theme. Helping you choose the correct theme for this season Ralph Lauren has released its “THE WELINGTON COLLECTION”. Let’s dive into it before the season is over!


Known for its Polo Shirts, Ralph Lauren has been with us all since 1967. It covers all the consumer demands from mid-range to luxury wear. Recently, the brand has come up with an innovative yet elegant collection known as “The Welington Collection”.


As the name suggests, the collection comprises shoes, handbags, belts, & small leather goods. A unique insight into the world of leather can be seen in this exclusive capsule collection. From your waist to foot, everything will be adorned in plush leather.


Ralph Lauren is calling this collection “The Equestrian Collection” which literally means “The collection for horseback-riders”. Designed by Ralph Lauren, elegance is prominent in the design chosen. They are neither too loud, nor too dull. Hitting the right spot, this collection would be bliss for the people who love sober designs. Tan, Black, Brown, and Muddy Red are some of the dominant colours of this collection. Giving the classic boots a contemporary touch, the theme gives exactly represents what an equestrian wants. Overall, the collection is as alluring as it sounds, but if Ralph Lauren would have been a little bit more contemporary and fashion friendly, more audience would be interested in this collection. Targeting a very specific type of audience, Ralph Lauren has also given some of the racetrack features like shortening the shaft height and adding the brass stirrup on the outer ankle of the boots. 


If you are a race-track person, then this collection would be for you but if you are not, you can check out the more contemporary and fashion-friendly collections like The Purple Label collection by Ralph Lauren.