Kritka Kamra

Having made a name for herself in Indian television and various webseries, our Girlfriend for the month recently made her debut on the 70 mm. Now she is looking forward to other projects that pique her interest.


Name: Kritika Kamra

Date of Birth: 25th October

Place of Birth: Bareilly

Height: 5’5”

Vital Stats: 34-26-36

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Facebook: KritikaKamraOfficial

Instagram: @kkamra

Twitter: @kritika_kamra


What are you up to these days?

I’m reading scripts, meeting people, looking for the perfect project to follow-up my first film Mitron. After a decade in television, I think it’s time to diversify. So, films and web series are my areas of interest currently.

What according to you is an ideal career and why?

An ideal career is having a job that you look forward to every morning. There is nothing better than making your passion your pay check.

What is your idea of an ideal romantic date?

An ideal date would be bonfire and barbecue under the stars. I think it’s adventurous and cozy at the same time. And what better than hotdogs, cheese, charred corn and roasted marshmallows. Comfort food with some well bodied red wine of course.


An ideal career is having a job that you look forward to every morning.

How will you dress seductively or naughtily for a date?

I think a bit of mystery is sexy. When you don’t reveal too much, they stay curious. ?

What is your favourite hangout spot for a romantic date?

Mumbai has some good old karaoke bars that are really fun for a first date.

What would your dating app bio read?

It would be “No catchy line. I like to keep it real. If you’ve got the patience, you’ll discover.”

What is your ultimate fantasy?

Northern lights, a hot spring, and Champagne.

One secret about you that nobody knows?

For me, it’s all about the details. I like it when people pay attention to the smaller things.

What do you find sexy in a man?

Ease. I think it’s rare to find a man who is effortlessly stylish, comfortable in his own skin, and unaware of his charm these days. It takes a certain confidence and I find that sexy.

What according to you is one romantic getaway destination that one simply cannot miss out on?

It has to be Kashmir. It’s my most favourite place in the country. The weather, the culture, food, and nature, everything is at its best. It’s called “Jannat” for a reason after all

It is said that the key to a man’s heart is through his tummy. What would you cook to impress a man?

I would make a mean Spaghetti Aglio E Olio, carbs that he can’t refuse.

What has been the weirdest thing that a fan has ever done for you?

Recently, a guy got his mom to meet me. He seemed pretty serious when he said he wanted to marry me!! LOL.


I like it when people pay attention to the smaller things.

One secret about women, that men should know?

She (your current partner) has stalked all your exes online.

And one secret about men, that you think all women should know?

Men need more “me time” than us, ladies. So don’t expect spending all your time with them. Give him that space.

While working out, which part of the body do you focus most on?

I tend to focus on the Core. A healthy core means a healthy body. Also, you do wanna rock that saree.

How should a guy ask you out?

Write to me. I’m a sucker for letters. Well, long messages would also do.

How sexy do you find men who cook?

Cooking requires time and passion. When a man cooks for you, you know he cares. And that’s hot!

And what should a man cook to impress you?

I like to be surprised. So I’d let him decide.

What items do you have hidden under your nightstand or bed?

An eye patch for times I need to forcefully shut my eyes, chamomile essential oil spray, a fruity lip-balm.

When all alone at home, what do you like to dress in?

Most of the times it’s a boyfriend T-shirt and shorts.


I think it’s rare to find a man who is effortlessly stylish, comfortable in his own skin, and unaware of his charm. 


Your first celebrity girl-crush?

Julia Roberts

Who should take charge in bed – you or your partner?

Both. We would be taking turns.

One fan given sexy nickname that you really like?

I have often been called “Queen” (laughs). It’s not exactly sexy but it does make you feel special.

Any phobias?

None at all.

What title would you give to your Autobiography?

“It’s not over yet.”  



Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Dating app: Never used one

Favourite Car: I’m a Mercedes loyalist.

Favourite accessory: Nose-pin

Favourite holiday destination: London

Favourite Cuisine: Italian

Favourite alcohol based drink: Martini à la Gossip Girl

Favourite TV Shows: Oh there is a list – This is us, Game of Thrones, The Crown etc.



As a girlfriend: 8

As a style icon: 7

As a kisser: 10

As a cook: 6

In foreplay: 9

In Bed: 9. Because nobody can be perfect.