Indian International Trade Fair is Back In Delhi and This Time Even Bigger

India will play host to the IITF – India International Trade Fair on November 14 to November 27, 2019, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

Considered one of the biggest trade shows in the country, the Indian International Trade Fair 2022 is back in the national capital after two long years of the pandemic, and this time, even bigger. The yearly event is taking place at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan beginning on November 14. The 41st edition of the IITF is a 14-day affair that will come to an end on November 27 taking place from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. The entire globe is well aware of this enormous expo.


The theme for the international trade fair is based on ‘vocal for local, local to global.’

The trade fair attracts manufacturers, retailers, exporters, and importers, and it is a great chance for B2B, B2C, and C2C interaction. Every year, a significant number of people from both domestic and foreign countries attend the Pragati Maidan trade expo. A wide variety of products, including coir products, jute, textiles, home furnishings, consumables, electronics, autos, and much more, are displayed at the international trade fair. The biennial event is one of India’s most sought-after trade fairs, where people can have fun and discover new products.


This is the 41st edition of the Indian International Trade Fair.

Not just for business delegates, the event which is also open to a general audience has a lot to offer. Representing the culture and heritage of different states of India, there is a multitude of stalls at the event including the states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Kerela, Haryana, and many more where the crown is mostly seen.

Vehicles, home décor, electronics, sweets, delicacies, jewelry, furniture, and everything from almost every possible industry are present at the Indian International Trade Fair to display the advancements of the nation and introduce people to new and innovative ideas. This year, the theme for the international trade fair is based on ‘vocal for local, local to global.’ At Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, the major event this year features more than 2,500 exhibitors from 29 Indian states, union territories, and 14 other countries.


People have the opportunity to observe innovative advantages from both well-established businesses and unique start-ups. 

This year’s trade fair is going to be an exciting event as one will have the opportunity to observe innovative advantages from both well-established businesses and unique start-ups. There are clothes, leather goods, jewelry, and eco-friendly goods that are currently trending and will surely up your fashion and lifestyle game.

At the Pragati Maidan International Trade Fair, just like the previous years, you can also grab the chance to sample a variety of scrumptious foods and explore trader booths offering goods and services along with food and beverages for your refreshment. One would adore indulging in the delectable cuisine, which ranges from Indian to Chinese to Italian and so many more.




There is a variety of scrumptious foods and explore trader booths.

One of the finest things about the international trade fair is the management and facilities which have been arranged for the locals keeping in mind the requirements and needs. IITF is a fully equipped event with facilities of advanced level. From wheelchairs available for specially-abled people to information booths that are present at every distance, the organizers have worked in a great manner to make it a hassle-free and enjoyable fair.

The tickets for the IITF are available on the official website of the fair and even at 67 metro stations as well. The nearest metro station for the IITF is Pragati Maidan, so, plan a great and fun outing with your friends at the Indian International Trade Fair to know more about innovation, as the fair will be open to the general audience from 19th November.


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