One moment she is a baby-faced girl and the next she is an enchantress. Actor Anjana Sukhani has many shades of sensuality.


Age: 34

Birth Date: December 10

Place Of Birth: Jaipur

Marital Status: Single

Living In: Mumbai with mom and granny

Height: 5’6’’

Dress Size: UK10

Waist Size: 27”

Shoe Size: UK 7

Eye Colour: Brown Black

Hair Colour: Mahogany

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarian

Profession: Actor

Facebook: Anjana Sukhani

Instagram: @anjanasukhani


Work commitments keep me busy.

Why did you decide to become a model?

There never was a plan to become a model or an actor for that matter. It was purely by accident.

What has been your takeaway from your profession?

I have learnt to follow my intuition and perseverance.

What is the biggest turn off in men for you?

It would be a narcissistic behaviour.

What’s your advice to men?

Be protective not possessive… be sincere, honest and funny without being judgemental.

Do you think nice guys finish last?

I guess they do… But, then we all need somebody for keeps, don’t we?

What makes a man immature?

Irresponsible behaviour and disrespect towards others

How can a guy get your attention?

I guess, his intelligence and fragrance should work.

What do you find sexy in men?

Sense of humour and good smell!


I love sharing pictures and memories.

What’s your take on social media?

It’s an integral part of our existence, communication and representation of self. But, most importantly, we need to strike a fine balance between digital and real world.

What is your favourite social media app?

It has to be Instagram. I love sharing pictures and memories.

What is the cutest thing someone has sent you on social media?

I think the cutest thing is when fans stand by you against the trolls. It’s heart warming.

Would you date someone you met on Instagram?

No… Never…

Tell us a Twitter joke (or something funny) in 140 characters.

I am just a girl standing in front of a salad bowl… asking it to be a donut!

What’s your take on the rise of digital medium?

It’s growing and doing great. You will see me in a lot of web series.

What has your past relationships taught you?

They have taught me to be more patient and less judgemental.

What’s keeping you busy these?

Work commitments keep me busy. I have a hectic daily schedule, starting with gym and dance classes. I am working on a web series and a feature film that I will soon let you know about.


I think the cutest thing is when fans stand by you against the trolls. It’s heart warming.


Love or Lust?

Love by far…

Hot or Cold?

Hot or warm

Sensual or Edgy?

A mix of both

Sports or Meditation?


Snowfall or Beach?

Beaches… any day

Inside or Outside?

Outside junkie

Charming or Sexy?


Rebellion or Control?

A bit of both

Ice or Fire?


Books or Gadget?

Books… books… books

Live-in or Marriage?

Marriage (sacred)

Introvert or Extrovert?

Extrovertly introvert


A man’s intelligence and a good fragrance works for me.


Animals: Dogs and Rabbits

Cuisine: Japanese and Chinese

Drinks: Aqua and Red Wine Sangrias

Cars: Jaguars and Mercs

Films: All romatic comedies

Books: Agatha Christie Novels Love Story by Erich Segal

Models: Irina Shayk and Gigi Hadid

TV Shows: Suits, Narcos and Most Political Thrillers



Do you have any tattoos: Yes… MAA on my right wrist

Any piercings: None

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body: My eyes and nose



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