Sonu Sood – The Timeless Hunk

Sonu Sood has been giving us fitness goals for close to a decade. We try to unravel the secret of his jaw dropping physique.


Sonu Sood is as suave as he is talented. A popular actor in both the Hindi and Telugu film industries, Sonu is known for his edgy roles and his effortless versatility as an actor. He has come a long way since his brilliant performance as Chedi Singh in Dabangg and is upping his martial arts game for his next film. His discipline and tenacity have helped him carve out a niche for himself as an actor.

Q- What’s keeping you busy these days?
A- Currently, I am completing the final schedule of Simmba. After that, I will be looking forward to all the promotions that will take place in December. Also, I am shooting for a new Telugu movie with director Teja opposite Kajal Aggarwal. All I can reveal for now is that it is an action thriller.

Q- How have you maintained your physique over the last decade?
A- I maintained a static physique since the last decade, because I remember how much I enjoyed my first workout. My enthusiasm has been growing ever since and each day feels like my first day in the gym. I feel that this is the best part of my life and due to these reasons, I have been able to maintain my physique throughout these years.

Q- Do you think your role as Chedi Singh in Dabangg was a pivotal moment in your career?
A- I would say Chedi Singh was very special role indeed. Initially, I rejected the film. But, after thinking and understanding my part, I ended up spending some time with director Abhinav Kashyap, who has always been a supportive friend. He assisted Mani Ratnam in Yuva, and back then he promised me that he would write a film for me someday. This is why I couldn’t help but agree to contribute to this project. Initially, Chulbul Pandey’s role was actually written for me but when Chedi Singh was offered, we had to rework on that character, before it took the final shape on the silverscreen. I remember being pretty excited for it. Dabangg was an important milestone in my life and helped me further my career.

Sonu Sood 1

Dabangg was an important milestone in my life and helped me further my career.

Q- How has your experience in the Telugu film industry been?
A- My experience working in Telugu film industry was great because that is one place where I actually learnt the majority of my craft. I started my career with South Indian projects and did a lot of Tamil and Telugu movies. Gradually, I learnt about various camera angles and the research needed to be done on different characters before playing them on-screen. So, Telugu industry was indeed very special to me and it provided me with a lot of appreciation and awards. Besides winning some significant ones, I was also honoured with state awards. I am still doing some Telugu movies and I feel, my fans in South love me a lot. Yes, I believe from the bottom of my heart that their love will always bring me back to the Telugu film industry.

Q- Do you think you have been typecast as a villain?
A- I wouldn’t agree. I have been fortunate enough to play both positive and negative characters, which have been admired. I have also portrayed comical and many different types of characters. Although undeniably there are films that have done exceptionally well at the box office, where I have played a negative role. That is why people might think that he really fits the negative stereotype. However, if you watch my comedy films then they were not less entertaining than others.

Q- What is a deal breaker for you when you see a script for the first time?
A- The deal breaker for me is the content. I believe that it just takes five to 10 minutes of initial narration when you decide whether you want to be the part of the film or not. I think I’m blessed to possess a sixth sense, which probably works for me when I choose roles. I have been lucky enough to be offered the right roles at the right time.

Sonu Sood 2

I have been lucky enough to be offered the right roles at the right time.

Q- Do you think a quality role is more important that the big names attached to the film?
A- I would say a good role in a film is more important than a big name attached to it, but it does add to that role’s success or impact. No big names can promise you success, but a good role and a good script can definitely take you ahead in life. I think you have to choose your roles wisely and not base your decision on big names attached to the film. Your role has to be admirably unique, so that you can make your own mark. So yes, it is a choice of quality character that really matters.

Q- Who is your trainer and what kind of a regimen do you follow?
A- I follow a routine where I keep trying new things. I combine functional training, weights, running and lots of other cardio exercises as a regular part of my regimen. I feel you have to keep on reinventing yourself in terms of your physical workout. It happens only by working with new trainers, whom you could trust credibly enough for appropriate training and guidance. My trainer, Yogesh has been training with me for so many years now. What I appreciate about him is that he keeps on working to find and try new forms of exercises which are challenging but uniquely beneficial. I think we accept a good challenge every day in the gym.

Q- Did you observe any major differences in Bollywood and Telugu industry?
A- Today, there is not much of a functioning difference between Bollywood and Telugu industry. They both lead with a lot of schedules and strict discipline. However, during my initial days in south, I felt it was much more disciplined than Bollywood in terms of functioning. They knew the film’s release and stuck to the schedule. The shoots were timely and organised. Most of them were early risers and would shoot early and finish the films quickly before the decided deadlines. At present, Bollywood movies have many South Indian directors and cameramen who follow the same principles attached to South Indian industry and inspire others to stick to the same.

Sonu Sood 3

At present, Bollywood movies have many South Indian directors and cameramen who follow the same principles attached to South Indian industry and inspire others to stick to the same.

Q- A big myth that you feel people believe about fitness?
A- People feel that they can workout for two to three months and then leave suddenly while expecting that they will stay fit forever. Fitness is not short-term that can be achieved in few months or few weeks. It is routine that you have to follow for your entire life. So, I think that is one reason where people believe that when you join a gym, you just have to try it for a month for a nice appearance. One has to understand that fitness doesn’t work wonders in a brief amount of time.

Q- What kind of diet do you follow? How has it helped you over the years?
A- I’m a vegetarian. I don’t drink and smoke I always focused on eating healthy things. Being a Punjabi, I always will have an inclination towards makki di roti and sarson da saag, which I only eat when I visit Punjab. Otherwise, I lead a very disciplined life in Mumbai.

Q- How do you unwind after a long day of shooting?
A- After a long and exhausting day of shooting, I unwind by playing the guitar. I used to play it in my college days. Though I am not very regular these days, sometimes I practice it for a peaceful vibe. I watch movies too and generally have gym routines to work on. I think that takes care of my entire time. Otherwise when I have horribly long shooting hours in various destinations, I don’t get much leisure time and generally spend the rest with my family.

Sonu Sood 4

Otherwise when I have horribly long shooting hours in various destinations, I don’t get much leisure time and generally spend the rest with my family.

Q- How have you managed to stay away from controversies?
A- I came from Punjab to make my parents proud, and I knew right from the start that there was nothing apart from hard work that can help me survive in this competitive city and industry. I have followed this resolution till today. I don’t think any kind of controversies can make you stay in news for long and earn you a long-lasting appreciation. You have to be focused and patient to achieve your desired professional goals.

Q- If you could do only one exercise at the gym forever which one would it be?
A- Running! It is of an utmost significance to me as it helps me to survive hardcore routine with long-lasting muscle strength. Otherwise, pull ups and chin ups can secure your whole body workout and transform it in a pleasant shape very easily. Those are my favourite routines, which I can totally rely on.

Q- Tell us about your second movie with Jackie Chan.
A- My experience with Jackie Chan was extraordinary. Yes, we are in talks and speculations for collaborating on new projects, too, but it’s quite uncertain for now. We are still working at the primary level of finding a right script for us. Let’s see, if something exciting comes, then we would love to work together again.

Sonu Sood 5

Let’s see, if something exciting comes, then we would love to work together again.

Q- In your opinion what are the benefits of learning martial arts?
A- Any form of physical training provides some specific benefits and so does martial arts. For me, it keeps one fit, keeps us lighter on our toes and it really helps unwind mentally. According to me, forms of exercise like some sports or martial arts have to be included in your body routine to build better stamina along with a strong exterior physique. It is challenging, but it increases your core strength, thus, helping you survive rough training.

Q- Now that you have achieved so much in your career, what is the way forward?
A- I would want to express about the great things I have already achieved in my life with perseverance, but I still think I have a long way to go. I always go back to these meaningful and deep lines from Robert Frost which someone told me, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.” I believe in them enough to think that I have miles to go.

Sonu Sood

I believe in them enough to think that I have miles to go.



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