Things You Must Avoid Doing In Your 20s

“You are confused? I am fucking confused, Bro”.

Euphoria dialogues ultimately describe the stage of 20s, it barely has any clarity and every teenager faces debts, depression and cloudy clarity in their 20s. You are being confused in this stage of life, it is completely normal.

Though 20s can be seen as a cool period of time to chill and have fun. But when it comes to mid-20s the responsibilities start to clearly appear, these unclear decisions and mistakes become a life lesson for your 40s. Well, the life lesson stage never ends but one thing you can take hold of in your 20s, is to not fall for the same poor mistake or decisions. Have a look at the greatest collection of mistakes which are faced by every 20s.

  •  Single career choice
20s life lesson

Confused to stick with same career path or not?

Stuck with the same career line cause you choose it in your 13-16years? Well, if your interests get dull and you enjoy doing this skill less everyday it’s never too late to re-think and apply for a new carrier line. The myth that to stay at one job forever in your life, does not have to control your decisions anymore. In this generation experimenting is allowed and there is no harm to explore as well.

  • Credit or Debit?
20s life lesson

Avoid these credit card mistakes.

Living off through a credit card just to enjoy fullest in your 20s, is a bad decision. A plastic card which works as a millionaire card to bring you everything is sure cool! But you surely have to give back with interest as well. Be aware!

The addictive habit of buying can bring you into huge debt, whether you agree or not but living your 20s with a credit card as a crutch should be avoided. Debit cards save your own money, spending on necessary things is a smart way to live.


  •  Binge-watching
20s life lesson

Binge-watching needs its boundary.

In your 20s, where you spend countless hours binge watching every new series, it will cost your sleeping schedule. If the graph for binge watching Netflix at night will ever be exposed, teenagers will be in the highest percentage. You have all the time to binge watch, make a balance and schedule to learn a demanding skill or do side hustle in your free time.

  •  Investment is for 40s
20s life lesson

Spending in your 20s or investing in your 20s?

Your 40s will be deeply grateful for your 20s decision to invest. Money can never be less, so investing and savings works the same way. You should make plans for trips, visiting your hometown and make memories invest in your experience not on irrelevant things. Learn the habit of investing for new experience, new skills and hobbies, have your savings account cannot wait until your 40s.

  •  First salary? New vehicle!
20s life lesson

Brought a new vehicle in your 20s.

We earn to enjoy life. Your dream car or your dream house cost more than your salary does and you anyway brought that dream thing with adding the cost of credit loans, guess what? It is not a smart decision. Buying a new IPhone or your own dream house is not a bad idea to invest for but it does not have to cost you to lead your 40s into huge debts. Strategies a plan and make enough money or savings to buy it without debts. 



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