With Beaches On-Board, This Could Be Your Next Vacation Spot!

Want to know what heaven feels like on earth? Exude in the tranquillity of this group of French Polynesians

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” once quoted French author & Nobel Prize winner, Andre Gide. The world is indeed full of the heavenly blue oceans but for exploring, we have to let go of the daily stress and the mental toll that we dwell upon us.

Nothing has the power to calm your mind more than a peaceful trip. Where you are left alone with your thoughts and your imagination bursts out like an overheated pancake. When summer is waving farewell at us, we should make the best of it.

Soothing every inch of our mind and heart, the tranquillity of beaches is something that we all love. The sound of the breeze hitting the cold waves of water sets an aura that nothing else can. This fall, take some time off for yourself because self-love is the best kind of love and after all healing is also important.

Earlier, this land of heavens was known as “Pora pora mai te pora” which literally means “Created by the gods”

A group of islands located in the deep hideaways of French Polynesia is the ultimate isle of Bora Bora. The sight of this island group when travelling from Faa’a International Airport in a 1-hour long flight to Bora-Bora Airport is nothing less than a traveller’s paradise.

Discovered as early as the 3rd century, Bora Bora proved to be the Elysian fields for the early Polynesian discoverers. Earlier, this land of heavens was known as “Pora pora mai te pora” which literally means “Created by the gods”.

Today this paradise is considered to have appeared from an extinct volcano for only one reason; relaxation. The short 1-hour flight from Tahiti is an adventure in itself where you get a glimpse of famous Mount Otemanu whose eruption lifted the ocean floor by 2,400 feet into the bright pacific sunlight millions of years ago.

From Bora Bora Airport, take the short ferry across the water for reaching the main island and let your soul dive into the depths of the enchanting experience. The ferry will drop you to the scrumptious melodies of Bora Bora’s local musical talent in the island’s largest city, Vaitape.

The island is filled with the coral gardens and a gorgeous coral reef sits right outside the Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach.

Tahiti culture can be seen wrapped around in the local markets of Vaitape. Almost every craft and commodity you see for sale would be made by locals. You will see passengers passing in cycles and will definitely feel the change in the air with Bora Bora’s pristine air quality.

We would suggest you go for the over the water resorts that adorns the seashores like a pearl upon the ocean. These all-wooden and brass made small huts will give you access to the crystal-clear water of the Bora Bora. The mind filling view of Mount Otemanu adds up to the experience even further.

Rise to the morning tides and set out on a boat tour to enjoy the aquatic abundance of Bora Bora’s lagoon. Sheltered waters are also a unique mesmerizing sight that is not found very commonly. In these sheltered bunkers live the friendly black tip reefed sharks.

Now, it’s time to swap your boat for a bike at Bora Bora’s Matira Beach. Here, you can set a friendly vibe with the public and share your experiences in the cafes. It is one of the most popular public beaches on the island and provides an encapsulating view that would make everything smoother for you. Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters or roll out your towels on the breezy sand and lounge the afternoon away.

If you are a fan of the tranquil coral life like us, then you will fall for this island immediately. The island is filled with coral gardens and a gorgeous coral reef sits right outside the Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach. Mind you, it is filled with stingrays and sharks but don’t you worry, they are as tranquil as this island’s every element is. You can swim and see yourself crystal-clear in the shining pearly waters.

Tired of being on the beach? Well, we are too. There is so much sand stuck on our toes now it’s time for some terrestrial bliss. 4X4 Jeep Excursions are the right way of exploring here. Often a duo of a guide and a driver tag along your group but this excursion would not only take you through the undiscovered and less popular place of Bora Bora but also will enlighten you with the history of this “Land Created by God”.

Well, this is not it. The savour Tahiti dishes like Foie Gras, Mahi Mahi dish, Poisson Cru, and the sweet desert-like Tahitian Vanilla Panna Cotta will set your tongue on a flavoursome voyage from which returning is difficult. Overall, Bora Bora is a place full of beaches, nature, and positivity. Relaxation and an escape would be the experience that you would be delighted with here.