99 Problems, but binge watch ain’t one!


With just one season out, this show has been winning hearts already. Billie Connelly, a woman in her thirties, mother of two kids, and wife to an ideal husband. Don’t seem to find the problem, right? Well, the name suggests it all, the sexual aspect of the marriage is the hitch. Not being able to get her husband’s attention even after ‘girl on top,’ she starts missing her toxic yet hot and undoubtedly good in bed ex-boyfriend, Brad, a record label owner, and a guy your mother would warn you about.

Billie, who has quite an electrifying past had her life sorted, until after 10 years the memories of 73% of the positions in Kama Sutra with her past lover kicks in. One morning, Cooper, the perfect husband, gets to know about these wet dreams by reading Billie’s journal. As shocking as it may sound, Cooper tried to revive the spark after reading the journal as jealousy and insecurity are significant to anger. Though to give a dainty spoiler, it doesn’t help!

What will Billie decide to do, who will she choose: Cooper or Brad? These questions keep you intrigued throughout eight episodes in season 1. Not just love and sex, but the series portrays ‘friendship’ too. Sasha, Billie’s best friend, and partner in crime is also a major character in the show. With eminent dialogues and radiant performances by Adam Demos, Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel, and other talented stars, this show is definitely a must-watch!

web series

The story revolves around teens in high school, their friendship, love, murder mystery, and lots of drama that comes with it.


Looking for a mystery, that’ll keep you hooked throughout? Well, we have found one. Elite is a Spanish series filled with drama in all four seasons. Season four recently came out and made it to the trending list in no time. The story revolves around teens in high school, their friendship, love, murder mystery, and lots of drama that comes with it. With a supremely fiery and talented cast, the show becomes an ultimate watch. 

The latest season has three missing stars, Luceria, Carla, and Nadia, and the entry of three siblings, Ari, Patrick, and Mencia, kids of the new principal. We also have a prince this season, Phillipe.

Season four captures the beginning of some new love stories and the ending of some of our favorite ones. The focus is also on how Ander and Omar’s relationships take new twists and turns. It wouldn’t be an ‘Elite’ season without a terrible accident but this time it doesn’t lead to any murder, but still keeps you peculiar.



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