Couple workout to follow this month is here!

Couples that stay fit together, last forever! With the same though, we present some amazing exercises that couples can perform together this month. Wondering what they are? Have a look below!


We all know that February is the month of love. We love to do everything with our loved ones and it is not limited to a date night or an outing. When we talk about activities that couples can do together, fitness strikes as an important one. Two is better than one and this saying becomes even more meaningful when we take of in terms of a workout.

It is not just the exercises that your partner can help you out with, it is also the motivation that goes behind. They could be the reason you get out and exercise every day, or make that salad in place of preparing pasta again. But if you are hesitating to start or if you are confused how to start, we can help you. We have some fun simple couple exercises that can make your fitness routine full of enthusiasm and love. Find them in the pointers below!

couple workout
  • Push Up Reach

We are all aware about push-ups as the most common exercise of all time. This exercise is dominated by the chest and tricep muscles. Although many people may find it to be a solo movement, you can still add some couple interactive exercise to push-ups. A fun one being the addition of high fives between every push up.

Start by performing push-ups facing each other and sync your movement. Now, every time you reach each other’s level, give your partner a high five and place your hand back down. It escalates the muscle work. But remember, don’t leave your partner hanging.

couple workout
  • Hook Squats

Another basic exercise that could change your entire workout routine by adding a partner is squats. We know how to perform the basic squats. To perform them with your partner, you need to stand with your backs touching each-others and your faces away from each-others. Now, hook your left arm with your partner’s right arm and your right arm with their left.

With your arms entwined, perform the basic sockquats together. While doing so make sure that your thighs are parallel to the ground and your backs are upright. A twist is that while you perform the squat, start turning in a clockwise direction. Complete one circle and then start a round in anticlockwise direction. And that’s how you perform the Hook Squats!

couple workout
  • Tricep Dip and Wall Sit

It is a great exercise to train both your lower as well as your upper body. It can be performed using the wall sit and combining it with tricep dip. To perform this, one person sits with their back against the wall by keeping their knee at 90 degrees which is parallel to the floor. Assuming that you are the one standing against the wall, your partner will then use your legs as the base to perform the tricep dip. They will stand in front of you while their back faces your front.

A thing to remember while performing this exercise is that the closer you are the easier the movement will be. So, if in case you want to increase the difficulty, keep your feet further away from you. Along with this, the person doing the wall sit will have to make sure that they create a firm and stable base or else you may find this exercise tricky and difficult.

couple workout
  • Glute Ham Rise (GHR)

These exercises are a boon to perform while you are at home. Which means if you cannot go to the gym, these exercises can be very helpful. Especially when you do not have the GHR machine to get you the glutes and hammies burning. In the comfort of your home, you can perform this exercise with your trusted partner.

Only one person will be performing the exercise at once while the other will be acting as support. Assuming that you are the one performing the exercise while your partner is the support, all you need to do is kneel on the floor with your body upright. Your partner will stand behind you so that they stay steady during the exercise. Now, start lowering your upper body and move it closer to the ground in a controlled movement. Come as close as you can to the ground and then move back to the starting position. After completing a lapse, interchange the roles with your partner. You can perform this and many other exercises with your partner like this.



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