5 Ways To Make Your Muscle Cramps Go Away

Do you find trouble sleeping peacefully at night because of muscle cramps? Cramps remedies exist, have a look at these tips to stop muscle cramps.

Nobody can deny the fact Muscle cramps happens to everyone, once in their lifetime. It could be because of long workout, periods and age. Well, every age has been through Muscle cramps and it impacts your entire body with pain. This sudden contraction that appears for a few seconds does bring intense pain and make it extremely uncomfortable to walk.

Though muscle cramps are one of the common conditions, they mostly appear in legs, feet, toes back, hands ect. part of your body. But there is a way to treat them with proven remedies which will give you cramp relief.


1. Rice pads

Muscle Cramps

easiest and quickest way to find relief  from muscle cramp through rice pads.

Rice pads were trending and efficient way to relief from muscle cramps. Take a bowl of rice and ensure the oil is mixed properly, soaked for couple of hours. If you have not mixed oil properly, well it can lead to oil patches on cloth, fill rice to each pocket cloth. Stitch heating pad and closed the ends. Heat the pad in the microwave for 3 minutes, it is one of the easiest way to create hot pad and the heat lasts longer than you think.

2. Stretching

Muscle Cramps

How does stretching helps in muscle cramp?

It is common to deal with muscle cramp after an intense workout session. If you are one of those people who ignore or avoid stretching before their intense workout routine or heavy lifting, then you must start stretching for 30-60 seconds. This mini stretching routine will help your body improve your body posture, improve performance and prevent injuries. This short stretching routine will relieve your muscle and help your body to be flexible.

3. Caster oil

Muscle Cramps

Caster oil becomes a ultimate treatement in muscle cramps days.

Use caster oil 2/3 tablespoon on the wrap and before wrapping it around your muscle, apply a thin layer of oil wrapping carefully around the muscle. Keep the pack for 8-10 hours overnight, use a wet towel to remove the oil from the muscle. This remedy is accessible and easy to apply, caster oil eases the pain and gives relief to muscle which is causing the muscle to strain. 

4. Feed into Electrolytes

Muscle Cramps

Electroytes fruits holds more benefits than you known!

Fitness freak lifestyle requires more than just water to recharge Electrolytes. No doubt water is essential to keep your body hydrated, especially before a workout routine. Your body requires a balance of sodium and glucose which helps in absorption. To keep up with eating adequate calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium you can find these in foods such as sweet potatoes, avocadoes, banana, melons, tomatoes, lentils and beans. These foods are efficient ways to prevent from cramps and will keep you healthy.

5. Tennis ball technique

Muscle Cramps

What can give you more relief than a massage, read on to know this technique.

Are you dealing with back spasms or muscle cramps, these tips might help you. The easiest way to treat a back spasm is to go for a walk, it can lose your back muscles and relieve it as well. But if you prefer not walking, you can try tennis ball stretch, Foam roller stretch and exercise ball stretch which can be the easiest way to feel relief for your back.



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