Bond, James Bond, Find Out Which Spy Are You?

Five distinguished spies. Five distinct personalities. We took these kings of espionage and broke down their persona brick-by-brick to let you figure which one of them you resemble the most. Ready for the litmus test?

01. To a social gathering, you will most likely turn up…

In a million dollar sports-car, given by the queen and country: (__) Score: 1

Walking. Because it’s still in: (__) Score: 4

By the metro because…hey, you’re a spy, remember?: (__) Score: 2

In a pristinely restored ‘67 Jaguar XKE: (__) Score: 5

In an RV that is a secret spy control room: (__) Score: 3

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To a social gathering, you will most likely turn up…

02. If ever spotted amongst people, you will most likely be wearing…

Perfectly tailored double-breasted suit. Because timeless is sexy!: (__) Score: 4

Whatever happened to neons and magentas?: (__) Score: 5

Chilled out clothing and a jacket Hey, don’t forget the baseball cap!: (__) Score: 2

Something sporty because I never know when I have to dash: (__) Score: 3

Two things that I never step out without… my sidearm and my tuxedo(__) Score: 

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If ever spotted amongst people, you will most likely be wearing…

03. Women for you are…

I’m on a mission–and I don’t have time for trivial distractions: (__) Score: 2

I’m on a mission–but there’s always time to hit on a chica!: (__) Score: 5

I’m on a mission–and naïve women are the perfect bait: (__) Score: 1

I’m on a mission–and I haven’t spoken to a woman in a long time!: (__) Score: 4

I’m on a mission–but I have some lookers in my team: (__) Score: 3

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Women for you are…

04. In a crunch faceoff with an adversary, you will…

Run up to him and coolly thrash the shit out of him: (__) Score: 1

Carefully plan your next move to completely destroy him: (__) Score: 2

Use snide tongue-in-cheek humour to outwit him: (__) Score: 5

Be a master of disguise to get dirt on him: (__) Score: 3

Beat him with experience: (__) Score: 4

05. When asked about your name, you will…

Flash an outrageous smile and flirt: (__) Score: 5

Intensify the moment and tell the last name before the first name:  (__) Score: 1

No one will ask my name because I’m an invisible ninja: (__) Score: 3

I want to tell my name but, damn, I can’t remember it!: (__) Score: 2

What’s in a name? Doll it out: (__) Score: 3

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When asked about your name, you will…

06. Your team skills are…

I’m a loner and love to work alone: (__) Score: 1

My team is my biggest asset. Without them I’d be dead: (__) Score: 3

My team-members are leaving unexpectedly. Recruiting new ones: (__) Score: 4

I have a sexy assistant and I hit on her all the time: (__) Score: 5

I loved my team but they spoke shit about me. I hate them now: (__) Score: 2

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Your team skills are…

07. Your weapon of choice is…

Since I like to plan my shit well, I swear by my sniper rifle: (__) Score: 2

I improvise with whatever is available around me: (__) Score: 3

Small little thing that can easily fit in my pocket: (__) Score: 1

My glistening chest hair… they see it and let their guard down: (__) Score: 5

My hands are faster than a speeding bullet: (__) Score: 4

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Your weapon of choice is…

08. You drink when…

When a teammate leaves, the rest of us sit and raise toasts. That’s about it: (__) Score: 4

When the project is over then perhaps a couple of lagers with the team: (__) Score: 3

I drink so often that I have invented a few cocktails!: (__) Score: 1

I don’t drink… I just dress weird with a baseball cap–and walk around: (__) Score: 2

Me, my women and a bottle of scotch.: (__) Score: 5

09. Your workout regime is…

Since I can’t work out in my dapper suits, I’m against gymming: (__) Score: 4

I’m a beefcake and work out like a fanatic to look this way: (__) Score: 1

I’m thin and that’s all that matterr coz, “It’s groovy, baby!”: (__) Score: 5

Saving the country from internal threats–who has time to lift? (__) Score: 2

I get enough exercise chasing bad guys: (__) Score: 3

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Your workout regime is…

And You Are Mostly…


You have a swagger like no other. You’re sophisticated and look delicious in that formal suit of yours. You’re in the centre of fairer sex’s attention and turn other men green with your style. But don’t objectify women, will ya?


You’re dealing with ongoing trash in your life but that shall soon pass. You’re a winner and a go-getter. You don’t like when people cross you (who does?) and are plain vindictive. But what’s with your sense of dressing? Give it a makeover!


You’re the kinda guy who can make anybody look great by just standing next to him. You’re a hopeless tech geek (we love that, by the way!) and have a workplace team that you just can’t live without. But who’s the eye-candy there? We wanna know.


Who said spies can’t be gentlemen and vice-versa? Your impeccable sense of dressing is perhaps more talked about than your world-saving skills. You’re a sucker for book rules and watch out for your loved ones. But live up a little, we say.


Flirtatiously and bold and covertly over-the-top…your style talks volume about your vibrancy and your personality. Perhaps not best suited for being a spy, but your wit and humour are the centre of soocial-do’s. Now tell us a ‘Knock-Knock’ joke.

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Now tell us a ‘Knock-Knock’ joke.



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