Wild, free-spirited and risk-taker — LaKish’a Sutton embodies these characteristics and, then, some more.



Name: LaKish’a

Birth date: Oct 25, 1995

Height: 5’9’’

Place of Birth: Indiana

Grew up in: Wisconsin

Height: 5’9”

Vital Stats: 34B

Waist: 23i”

Hips: 33”

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Profession: Medical Technician

Instagram: @justcallmekish


What are you up to these days?

Well, these days, I am travelling a lot, working, and occasionally hanging out at the clubs with my friends.

What according to you is an ideal career and why?

I think something in the medical field; the ability to help people in more ways than one is something that I feel is very rewarding.


I enjoy being in control.

What is your idea of an ideal romantic date?

Dinner and drinks, followed by a long walk together.

How will you dress seductively or naughtily for a date?

I would let the mind wander around a bit. So something that’s tight, slightly revealing but covering just enough should do the trick.

What is your favourite hangout spot for a romantic date?

A bench in a park, by a lake or a pond.

What would your dating app bio read?

“Not what you want but certainly what you need”

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

Having sex with someone who speaks a second language fluently, while he is whispering something in that language in my ear.

One secret about you that nobody knows?

I enjoy it when people run their fingers down my spine.


Intelligence. I find it alluring.

What do you find sexy in a man?

Intelligence. I find it alluring.

What according to you is one romantic getaway destination that one simply cannot miss out on?

Dominican Republic

What turns you on the most? Why?

I find it sexy when people call me by my first name. Hardly anyone does, though!

What was your first experience with porn?

I was 10 and found a DVD in my mother’s room. I was completely mortified at the time, but years later I used it as a way to teach myself how to perform in the bedroom.

Would you ever go skinny dipping? With whom?

Yes! My closest friends.

What has been the weirdest thing that a fan has ever done for you?

Once, someone sent me quite a lengthy message saying why they are “the one” for me.


I find it sexy when people call me by my first name. Hardly anyone does, though!

One secret about women, that men should know?

It’s always a game, and generally you’re wrong.

And one secret about men, that you think all women should know?

Confidence catches the eye.

While working out, which part of the body do you focus most on?

My legs

How should a guy ask you out?

A guy should be confident. He should not need his buddies around him or looking out for him when he is asking me out. Incentives such as chocolates and roses are nice too.

What items do you have hidden under your nightstand or bed?

A jar of peanut butter, two spoons and a pair of panties (forgot who took them off) !

When all alone at home, what do you like to dress in?

Something that is free and relaxing, like crop top and panties.


Confidence catches the eye.


Your first celebrity girl crush?


How comfortable are you with PDA?


Who should take charge in bed – you or your partner?

Me; I enjoy being in control

One fan given sexy nickname that you really like?


Any phobias?

I hate spiders

What title would you give to your Autobiography?

“Becoming Me’’



Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Dating app: Tinder

Favourite Car: Lexus

Favourite accessory: Chokers

Favourite holiday destination: Bora Bora

Favourite TV Shows: True Blood; Awkward

Favourite position to sleep: Curled up



As a girlfriend: 7

As a style icon: 8

As a kisser: 10

In foreplay: 10

In Bed: 10



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