Olyria Roy – Not Your Average Sexpot

Do You Even Know How Curvier Can Curves Be? If You Don’t Diverge Your Eyes Here As Olyria is Waiting For you!

Take custody of a fire extinguisher near you because very soon your phones are going to catch fire when we show what being sexy looks like. Olyria Roy is the curvy queen, who with her bold and sexy looks have made our eye pop out of the socket. A model from when she was 17 years old, Olyria knows about the ins and outs of the modelling and fashion industry. Getting featured in popular magazines and making the curvy turns curvier every day, take a look at the excitement vigor looks and know what goes in her head!

Olyria Roy.
Olyria Roy is the curvy queen, who with her bold and sexy looks have made our eye pop out of the socket.


Q1. Hailing from Russia, what do you think is the one thing that you would change if you would be elected as the president for one day? 

On my goodness, where to begin? There are many things I love about my country, of course. But a great many things are also there that I would like to see changed, as well. If I had to start somewhere, I would strengthen our embarrassingly weak domestic violence laws, which offer almost no protection to those for whom home is not a safe place. 

Q2. We all saw how beautiful you look in your pictures, What’s your secret behind it?

Thank you so much for your kind words. Honestly, it’s not a secret or a magic trick. It’s all about working hard and working smart. I maintain a strict exercise regimen, and am very mindful about what I eat, drink lots of water, and keep myself grounded spiritually and mentally as well as physically. If this sounds exhausting, I assure you that there is a plus side. Getting enough rest is also a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so I make sure. 

Olyria Roy.
Thank you so much for your kind wordS.

Q3. Being a plus-sized model, what are the difficulties that you faced in this industry?

Honestly, many of the barriers that I faced early in my career have begun to come down. When I stared modeling, many opportunities were closed to me on account of me supposedly being “too” curvy, and I was told that I needed to slim down, etc. Now, however with the advent of social media, people of all shapes and sizes have been able to discover that there is a “fan base,” so speaking for them that is just as large, if not even larger, than that of the traditional slimmed-down look. Even the high-end fashion designers are now finding that it pays to reach out to and represent various body types, so times have definitely changed for the better in this respect.

Q4. Criticism is something that nobody likes, how do you react when someone criticizes you on social media or in public?

Certainly criticism can sting, but it’s important to consider the source and react accordingly. If I see someone leave a nasty comment and it turns out that they have left a trail of similar comments all over the internet, then who cares? These are people with miserable lives and nothing productive to do with their time. Their insults say more about them than they do about the people receiving them. If on the other hand, someone has constructive criticism that is well thought-through and intelligent and specific, then I will often take what they say into account and give it strong and serious consideration. Also, one thing that can be helpful if it feels like criticism is overwhelming is to simply do the math. I add up the compliments I receive, compare it to the criticism, and usually find that the people who wish me well vastly outnumber those who don’t. It’s all about keeping things in perspective.

Olyria Roy.
Certainly criticism can sting, but it’s important to consider the source and react accordingly.

Q5. As beautiful as you are, there must be some funny dates that you have been to. Can you share the funniest one?

Honestly, I have never been on a dull date. I guess I’ve been lucky! One that stands out, was my very first date with someone who I went on to become involved with for several years. We had met online and lived in different countries, and for our first in-person meeting I was determined to make a good impression. I spent months tanning every day as I felt insecure about my pale skin, and as the date drew near, I even decided to do a spray-tan! The end result? When I met him at the restaurant we’d chosen, he didn’t even recognize me at first. I also put on a ridiculous long wig, assuming he would prefer long hair, and it fell off when the waiter was filling our water glasses. I was ultimately relieved however, because it turned out he preferred short blonde hair anyway. So I learned a very valuable lesson that night “just be yourself” isn’t simply some tired cliche, it is a motto to live by!

Q6. Do you think your body is your most powerful weapon or your weakness? 

That question is a very interesting one to consider. Certainly when I was young I considered it a weakness. I developed early, as some girls do, and this resulted in many situations that I now recognize to be little more than petty expressions of jealousy, but were quite hurtful at the time. For instance, I had a music instructor, who did everything in her power to actively hold back my singing career simply because I had larger breasts at age 13 or 14 than she did in her mid-twenties and she felt threatened by that for some reason. My singing has always been important to me, so this was devastating at the time. Now however, the tables have turned in life and my body is my greatest asset and the reason I have gained the notoriety that I presently enjoy, so I would have to say, while I would not call my body a “weapon” exactly, it is definitely my friend and ally.

Olyria Roy.
That question is a very interesting one to consider. Certainly when I was young I considered it a weakness.

Q7. What are the things that you seek in your Mr Right?

My ideal partner is someone who sees me not as some model or celebrity or what you have, but just a regular human being who happens to have attained a degree of fame though a combination of good fortune and hard work. Someone who does not see me as super-human but understands I have the same wants and needs as anyone else. Someone I can be vulnerable with and real with and yes, even silly with. Someone who is protective and secure in themselves and well-rounded and who has their own goals and dreams and sense of determination. Someone who can stimulate me emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually as well as physically. Someone who is unafraid to be themselves and also unafraid to let me be me.

Q8. Being a Scorpio yourself, do you believe in zodiac signs and astrology?

You have found my weakness! I am a huge astrology buff and can talk about the subject for hours. One of the first things I like to find out about people, in fact, is their astrological sign. Not just people I might be interested in dating, but those I might hire or collaborate with or even just form friendships with. I don’t do this for purposes of excluding people who fall under certain star signs, but to get a general sense of a person’s character so as to better understand what I might expect from them in the future. I don’t believe our specific actions are predicted by the stars, or that daily horoscopes are of much use, but as a tool for defining overall personality traits and motivations, I think astrology is VERY useful, as well as being quite fascinating!

Olyria Roy.
You have found my weakness! I am a huge astrology buff and can talk about the subject for hours.

Q9. What are your plans for getting married and starting a family?

You know, until relatively recently, I was absolutely convinced that marriage and family simply weren’t for me. The thought of a traditional wedding ceremony with the flowing white gown and hundreds of guests I barely even knew was enough to induce a panic attack! Now, however, as I see more and more real-life examples of men and women who have truly equal partnerships and support each other in all they do, and more examples of the truly selfless act of love that is raising a child, I have come to believe that I would very much like to experience all of this after all. I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t rush into marriage at an early age, like so many do, and gave myself time to grow and to discover who I am, but in a few years, yes, I could easily see myself married and starting a family and embarking on that as my next, and greatest, adventure in life.

Q10. Do you think that physical appearance plays an important role in one’s success? If not, what would your advice be for the people who feel demotivated by looking in the mirror?

As mentioned earlier, there is every type of body in this world, and also someone who will appreciate it. Clearly, my physical appearance has been a cornerstone of my career, but without the motivation and desire to achieve something with it, then I do not have anything like the life I do today. It takes a combination of elements, only some of which are physical, to get anywhere, and it’s not about what you see in the mirror as much as it is HOW YOU VIEW what you see in the mirror. Your body, ANY body can be an asset if you accept it, yes, but also realize it is only a part of who you are. No one should define themselves as a person based solely on their appearance, nor should they feel held back by it. Learn to embrace your looks as one component of yourself and find ways to not only achieve self-love, but to spread that message! You are worthy, you are unique, and you matter, no matter what you look like!



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