Shades Of Summer Paradise

If The Golden Hour And Tan Lines Make You Happy, We Assume You’re A
Summer Lover and That’s Why, We Have Some Fun Facts For You.

1. You might want to go in the summer when the famed Eiffel Tower is at its tallest. This is because the 1,062-foot (323-meter) monument grows as a result of thermal expansion brought on by the summer’s intense heat.

2. Some Christians commemorate St. John’s Eve, the birthdate of John the Baptist, around the summer solstice. John was born six months before Christ, on or around December 24.

3. Did you know that in 1816, the weather was altered by volcanic ash and dust? Because of the cold temperatures and winter-like conditions, it was referred to as “the year without
summer.” Isn’t it intriguing?

4. We all enjoy a chilled beer summer. Did you know that there are over 1.9 billion servings of beer consumed annually worldwide? Globally, Beer Stores have observed that warm weather can increase their sales by up to 10%.

5. The most noticeable meteor shower of the year, according to NASA, happens in the summer, which will excite you if you appreciate stargazing. Mid-August marks the peak of the Perseids shower, which lasts from July 14 to August 24. Then, up to 100 meteors per hour, travelling at a speed of 37 miles per second will be seen in the sky.

6. In the Roman calendar, July was originally known as Quintilis. Up until January and February were added in 450 BC, it was the fifth month of the year. Its original name derives from the Latin word meaning fifth. Later, the name was changed to Julius in tribute to Julius Caesar, who was born on July 12.

7. Interested in learning a fun tidbit about drinks this season? In 2013, Sheldon Wiley set a world record by mixing 18 drinks in a minute. In 2014, he also produced 1,905 drinks in one hour.

8. During a portion of the summer, Alaska has 24 hours of daylight. In fact, for about 70 days in a row, the sun never sets far enough below the horizon for the sky to go completely dark. There is no darkness as the sunset at midnight easily transitions into the morning.

9. To witness the summer solstice, more than 35,000 people congregate to Stonehenge in southern England. At this famous site, pagans and druids alike celebrate the longest day of the year.

10. The bikini, a mainstay of summer beachwear, was created in France in 1946, in part as a result of material rationing left over from World War 2. The groundbreaking two-piece swimsuit was created by French engineer Louis Réard and was named after the Pacific Ocean atoll of the same name.



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