Why Is Hashtag Boycott Jawan Trending on Twitter?

Here we tell you about why netizens are calling for the boycott of Jawan movie. 

Recently, released Shah Rukh Khan starrer high-octane thriller movie “Jawan” is making crazy with everyone crazy with its story and action. The movie was released on 7 September on Janmashtami’s auspicious occasion and became the box office’s biggest Hindi opener. Jawan collected approximately 75 crore on the first day for all languages across India. However, after the remarkable release, a #BoycottJawan is trending on Twitter. Let us tell you the reason why?








The reason is not the film but a video of the superstar going to a temple. The 20-second short video has circulated all over the internet and caused controversy. In the video, Shah Rukh Khan was entering the temple. The people around him went crazy and the King Khan waved at them. However, the user wrote while uploading the video that our temple is not for your promotional gimmicks. Why do the actors remember the Hindu Temple before their film release? 

There is another reason why the Boycott Jawan trend started. Netizens calling for the Boycott Jawan movie because the Tamil version of the film is distributed by Red Giants Movies, which was founded by the actor and DMK Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin. Recently, he made the headlines for expressing objections related to Sanatana Dharma. Which hurts netizens’ faith. So, they started this trend. The video of Shah Rukh Khan works like fuel to the fire.








However, many fans believed that SRK was not visiting the temple only for the promotion of his film. On the other hand, many expressed their anger at the video which surfaced all over the internet. They quickly picked up the trend and made several memes of it.








If we talk about the movie, the audience loves the action avatar of Shah Rukh Khan. They also praised the role played by Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. When it comes to emotional scenes, no one can play it better than Deepika Padukone. Her 20-minute appearance in the movie stole the show. The movie is helmed by Atlee and produced by Gauri Khan. It was co-produced by Gaurav Verma. The movie also stars Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Riddhi Dogra, and Sunil Grover.



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