10 Fun Art Activities You Can Try In Free Time

These fun art activities will act as therapy to Uplift Your Spirit, Body, and Mind.

Art is known to bring calmness, creativity, and peace into one’s life. You may try out some of these fantastic solo activities at home to help cure your mind, body, and soul if you’re interested in learning more about what art therapy has to offer. If you enjoy it, you can also look for expert art therapy services in your area. So go on and try.

1. Splatter Painting

Beginning from the fun one, you need to grab a white paper/sheet, watercolors, and a toothbrush. Well yes, you are not going to paint with any brush or hands. All you need to do is dip the brush in watercolors and gently rub down the bristles on the paper. Once you are done making a cool design you can keep your piece of art just like that or else, you can cut out pieces and make a collage out of it.

Note: This fun activity can be a little messy so, make sure you are using washable painting colors and wearing an apron to cover your clothes.

fun activity

You may try out some of these fantastic solo activities at home to help relax your mind.

2. Nature Collage

Remember the days when we used to get vacation homework to collect leaves and make a nature collage? That is exactly what you will be doing. Spend some time outside and collect tiny nature elements and paste them in your journal or on a piece of paper. You can be creative and find some rare petals, leaves, etc.

3. Thumb painting

No matter how messy things get, there are times when every one of us enjoys being a child. Just like toddlers, you can dip your thumb or fingers in the colors and try to make anything. Also, in your free time, it is a fun way to spend some quality time with your partner doing this activity. Giggles, happiness, and colors are what this activity will bring to your day.

fun activity

Painting can be a little messy so make sure you are using washable painting colors and wearing an apron.

4. The line Wonder

Take a marker and set your timer for 1 minute. Now you have to draw for a minute without lifting the marker. Down, across, right, left, take the market wherever it goes, or try to make a pattern. After the time is up, fill colors in the pattern and see how beautiful it comes out.

5. Doodling

Now, this might become your favourite. All you have to do is pick your colorful markers and start drawing anything. From lines to shaped, you can take your marker anywhere you want. Try to visualize and draw a cartoon according to your imagination.

fun activity

Mandala art is known to be one of the most effective art forms to relax and calm your mind.

6. Canvas Painting

For professionals or non-professionals, a canvas can become your friend soon as you start to paste your thoughts on the canvas. For beginners, we would suggest the small-sized canvas and try to put your thoughts in the blank space.

7. Memory Scrapbook

You can find some old pictures cut them in cute shapes or in the size of a polaroid and paste them into your scrapbook. Mentioned your favourite memory or any story you have with that picture. The feeling of nostalgia will be worth your free time.

8. Mandala Art

Mandala in Hindi and Sanskrit means ‘Circle’. Historically, it is believed that mandalas represent the portrayal of deities and gods of the universe through geometrical patterns and shapes. Mandala art is also known to be a great activity to refresh your mind and helps you to calm down.

fun activity

Let that imaginary character come out through your painting on the mask.

9. Draw yourself as a superhero

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero who is loved by all?  Well, we don’t know about reality but you can become a superhero just like you want. Imagine yourself as a superhero and draw it on a blank paper. What powers you want, what kind of costume you want, just think and let it out on the paper. 

10. Paint a mask

We all have been fascinated by the masks we’ve seen at those fancy movie parties. So, this is the time you create your own mask. Horror, funny, sad, happy, mysterious, you can go for any kind of mood you want and create a mask of your own.



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