A New Best-Friend for Your Waist?

Sometimes Your Waist Just Wants Something More Than a Belt. Is it Bag? Check Yourself Out!

Handbags have been in the market for decades. From small sizes to big handles, everything changed over time. Handbags have sort of become a necessity for the ladies out there. Anything as small as a needle and anything as large as a laptop needs the help of a bag to get carried on.

Being more practical in every sense, smaller bags make more sense. Usually, ladies don’t wear outfits with pockets to even carry their essentials, small handbags make sure that everything goes with them.

Today, bringing the same kind of practicality on your platter, we have bought a small handbag that doesn’t even need your hand. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

belt bag

Founded in 1961, in the fashion capital of the world Paris, Saint Laurent has been one of the most prominent designers of all time. Yves Saint Laurent, the founder of the house of Saint Laurent himself was known for designing women’s trousers for every occasion.

The bag that we are talking about here is the Saint Laurent’s Kate Belt Bag. As the name suggests, it is a belt bag that is actually made for your waist. This surely makes more sense as handbags could be misplaced, generally, belt bags win here. It becomes like a part of your body.

belt bag

Talking about the bag itself, it’s made from Patent leather. By the looks of it looks not very shiny and perfect, but trust us, it’s not the case. On the contrary, some users have complained that patent leather got coloured spots when exposed to sunlight. If this would have been a colour changing bag, then kudos to YSL but it’s definitely not.

belt bag

This issue not only raises questions on the quality of YSL but patent leather as a material itself. No advertisements showed this bag to be only used at ‘Night’. Although it’s a belt bag, the waist strap provided with the bag itself is quite small. It could be good for you but generally, if someone is having a large or somewhat big waist, this bag would be a waste for them.

belt bag


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