Bigg Boss 17: Family Week In BB Is Full Of Drama

The contestants’ family members are entering the Bigg Boss house to meet them. The episode is filled with emotions, love and lots of drama. 

With each passing day, Bigg Boss 17 is getting more intense and competitive as it gets closer to its finale. The Bigg Boss 17 fans who are eagerly waiting for the family week in BB, we have great news for you. Finally, the wait is over! All contestants’ family members enter the Bigg Boss house to meet them including Ankita and Vicky’s mothers, Munnwar and Mannara’s sisters, Samarth’s father, Arun’s daughter and wife and Abhishek’s mother. To reunite with family members after several weeks spent in the BB house without even contacting them is going to be emotionally challenging. 

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The episode’s highlight, which is currently going viral on the internet, is what Ankita’s mom and her mother-in-law said to the couple. Both of their mothers entered the house to meet them and give good advice to the couple such as they are not looking good in the show, they should have stopped fighting with each other, play individual game, etc. The thing we see in the episode is that Ankita’s mom Vandana Lokhande tries to sort everything between the couple and tell them where they’re going wrong and there is world outside the game. She even separately shared words of wisdom with Ankita and told her not to bring up the divorce topic during an argument on national television. 

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On the other hand, as soon as the Vicky’s mother stepped in the BB house the drama begins. In the promo, everyone is happy to meet her and she’s also having a great time with everyone. In a clip, Bigg Boss allowed Ranjana (Vicky’s mom) to talk to Ankita in the therapy room. She told Ankita about the episode where she kicked her husband Vicky. Vicky’s mother said, after watching the episode your father-in-law was very upset that he called your mother and asked “Have you kicked your husband like that?”. To this, Ankita seems upset and she said to her that they shouldn’t involve her mother in this. It’s unnecessary, she’s all alone after her (Ankita) father passed away.

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Last month, Vicky and Ankita also got a chance to meet their mothers. In that episode, Vicky’s mother lashed out at Ankita for her behaviour towards Vicky. She said, you guys never fought at home and Ankita is kicking and slapping him. Even though, she didn’t let Ankita’s mother speak to the couple during their meet-up. The audience didn’t like those things and took it very negatively. Besides this, other contestants’ family members are also going to enter the show and all of them get a chance to live one day with contestants in the BB House. It’s going to be fun to watch the show. We don’t know who is going to evict from the show this weekend but one thing we can ensure you is that this family week is going to be emotional, fun, and full of drama.



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