Flick Off the Ick Because Period Sex is not Gross

No, it won’t turn your room into a crime scene; yes, period sex is extremely pleasurable! Read on and find out how to have the best period sex ever!

We get it! Sex is already messy enough without adding in the icky factor of period blood into it. But period sex is extremely pleasurable and completely normal, so please, don’t knock it till you try it! And what if we were to tell you that you actually MUST have period sex? Not only is it absolutely safe, period sex actually brings with it countless health benefits. Not just that, it can actually make sex better than usual! Don’t believe us? Well, then read on and find out for yourself!

Your lady might be weirded out by the idea of having sex while she’s menstruating, but she doesn’t need to be. Gently remind her that it is nothing to be disgusted by and show her how it can actually be beneficial. Periods can be the best time to have sex as it reduces the need for lubes. And if she experiences a little dryness down there, it is just an added benefit. Period sex is a highly intimate experience and it results in the two partners coming closer together and it will strengthen your bond with your partner. Your lady might feel like her ovary is taking out its personal grudges on her during this time, but there is a solution! Period cramps can be relieved by having some hot, steamy sex and of course, an orgasm helps greatly! The benefits are not just limited to cramp relief, sex can even help shorten the duration of your periods! This happens because when you experience an orgasm, your muscles contract and push out fluids quicker than usual. What more reason could you want?

Flick Off the Ick Because Period Sex is not Gross






Don’t knock it till you try it! Before you write it off as gross, give period sex a try at least once, you just might be surprised!

But just like everything has a downside, even period sex has its downsides too. The most obvious one is the messiness. It might be a deterrent to some and that is okay too. While it offers natural lubrication, it is only possible if you haven’t removed a tampon right before sex as it would just soak up most of your natural lubrication. The risk of passing on an STI is also higher during periods as these viruses live in blood and can spread through contact with infected menstrual blood. So never forget to use a condom! This is important because you can still get pregnant on your periods. If you aren’t actively trying to conceive, it is advised you do use protection.

Flick Off the Ick Because Period Sex is not Gross









It is advisable that you give your partner at least a heads up when aunt flo comes to town. Just mentioning you’re on your periods would get you a reaction one way or another!


The first and foremost thing here is to have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Tell her/him how you feel about having sex when on your period and ask their feelings as well. If either one of you finds this to be uncomfortable, it is advisable that you wait.

If you’re scared of the mess, lay a towel down on the bed and this will prevent staining the sheets. Or alternatively, you could just hop in the shower to have sex. Just keep wet wipes handy to clean up afterwards.

Flick Off the Ick Because Period Sex is not Gross







Period sex can be immensely pleasurable, so long as you make sure to take all precautions and take your time.

Make sure you’re using protection to prevent against STIs and pregnancy. And make sure to remove your tampon ahead of time as it can get pushed in during sex which will only lead to a medical emergency.

Keep in mind that some positions might be uncomfortable so experiment and try different things and angles to find the best and most comfortable position for you both.

There is no rulebook here. So, you don’t need to just focus on penetrative period sex. This means that you can focus on the menstruating partner’s clitoris and help them orgasm through manual or oral stimulation. If you still wish to have penetrative sex but wish to limit blood flow, well then, just stick to good old missionary and the blood flow will be very limited.

Flick Off the Ick Because Period Sex is not Gross








There’s no need to be scared of the blood, just relax and have fun. 

Period cramps are not something to be taken lightly. Thankfully, having an orgasm is a great pain-killing activity and does not cause any side effects. But period hormones are another thing entirely and can make you crave sex yet despise people coming near you. This is when masturbation and vibrators come into play! You get your orgasm and get to stay away from other human beings too – certainly a win-win situation!



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