At a time when women all over the world are being celebrated for taking a stand, Vedhika’s powerful film choices and bona fide demeanour places her in a revered league.



Name: Vedhika

Date of birth: 21st February

Place of birth: Mumbai, India

Height: 5’5”

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Profession: Actress

Instagram: @Vedhika4u

Twitter: @Vedhika4u

Facebook: @ActressVedhikaOfficial

A sparkle in her eye, a petite frame and an exuberant smile, Vedhika arrived at 9:00 am for our shoot. When she first entered the Tamil tinsel world, Vedhika’s sharp features and swift learning methods led quite a number of people to believe that a winner had arrived. However, after a while, despite offers coming her way, Vedhika chose to wait for the right kind of scripts instead of hurrying into signing roles that lacked the potential to showcase her talent.

This star has so far acted in all the four south Indian language film industries – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada; and is now set to widen her horizons in the Indian film industry. We speak to her as she glamorously shoots in front of the camera and impresses us with her smart streak, edited excerpts follow…


My love and passion for performing arts came so naturally that I knew I had to be an actor.

Growing up, who did you admire the most and what inspired you to become an actor?

Growing up I watched films of the legends of Indian cinema Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi. Watching them act and dance inspired me and left a very strong impact on my mind at a very tender age. I loved dancing so much that my mom made sure I participated in quite a few cultural functions in school. My love and passion for performing arts came so naturally that I knew I had to be an actor.

How was your initial journey to the silver screen? What were the challenges that you faced?

I got my first south film without even auditioning for it, so I wouldn’t really say that I had to struggle much. Post my debut, I was welcomed with open hands into the Southern film industry. Initially, I was mainly part of films where I got to only play the quintessential heroine. But later I was offered performance oriented roles that I thoroughly loved playing. Every profession comes with its own share of challenges. In the beginning, I did not speak any of the Southern languages except Kannada. I love learning new languages, hence, I enjoyed the process of learning Tamil, Telugu, and Malyalam. But now I speak Tamil as fluently as Kannada, which is my mother tongue. If you love what you do, your workplace becomes your playground and even overcoming challenges becomes fun.

You have taken up films from many different genres. What kept you motivated?

One of the most fascinating thing about being an actor is that you get to portray a varied range of characters. I have always strived to experiment with my work and I have chosen films from different genres, be it romance, comedy, horror, thrillers, period dramas, and also horror comedies. I love challenging myself and that’s what keeps me motivated.


Being an actor is that you get to portray a varied range of characters.

After a breakthrough in Paradesi where you played a de-glamourised role, your career seems to have gone to a different level. How did it change you professionally?

Paradesi changed everything for me. The period drama had me play a poor Tamil girl from the 1930s, a look which required a complete transformation. My complexion was darkened for the role and many people were not able to recognise me when the first look was revealed. All thanks to Bala sir for giving me my most memorable role ever. I still remember, meeting director Shankar, who had had such kind words regarding my look and my performance in the film. I was over the moon. Post Paradesi, not just in Tamil, but I was offered diverse roles in all the four languages down South.

A director’s trust brings out the best in an actor. From Bala, Vasantha Balan, to Raghava Lawrence, how has it been working with such brilliant directors?

I’m lucky to have got to work with such extraordinary, National Award winning directors. I learnt a lot from Bala sir while working on Paradesi. I hope I get to work with him again. Vasantha Balan, is an incredible story teller and he offered me Kaaviyathailavan, an A.R Rahman musical opposite Siddharth and Prithviraj. It was an unforgettable experience working on the film, as it had seven National Award winning personalities. I worked with Lawrence master in Kanchana 3. He knows the pulse of the audience so well, and that’s evident in the collections of the film. This film was my debut in the 100 crore club. It was amazing to be a part of it.


This film was my debut in the 100 crore club.

What qualities do you look for in your perfect man?

There is a long list but I’ll try to keep it short. I’d like him to be sensitive, open minded, and thoughtful, which is a huge turn on. Someone I can have an effortless conversation with and with whom I can be myself.

In order to woo you, what must a gentleman do?

He must engage me in a good conversation and make me laugh. And if I’m not asking for too much, he must be patient enough to click my Instagram pictures as well.

What is your idea of a romantic getaway?

I love exotic beach destinations. An ideal romantic getaway would be a trip to Hawaii or Bora Bora.

How do you manage your fitness regimen despite your busy schedule?

I start my day with Pranayam. It helps me channel my energy in the right direction. I am also into weight training and I love dancing. I make it a point to workout atleast five times a week, even if I’m shooting. The confidence I get from exercise is not just vanity. It kicks in the happy hormones and keeps me staying positive.


An ideal romantic getaway would be a trip to Hawaii or Bora Bora.

When Vedhika unwinds, what does she indulge in?

I love exploring new countries and cultures, so I travel quite a bit. Also there is nothing more special than spending time with family.

Social media is a great way for fans to connect with their dream celebrities and vice versa. But how do you deal with Internet trolls?

I love the fact that social media has made it possible for me to directly interact with my audience. My well wishers provide me with their feedback on every film that I do, which helps me improve my craft. Thankfully there has mostly been positive feedback. Their support keeps me going and I’m truly grateful to them for loving me unconditionally.

Tell us something about your future projects?

I am pursuing a Kannada film called Home Minister, opposite Upendra Rao. I am also debuting in Hindi cinema in a film called The Body, opposite Emraan Hashmi and Rishi Kapoor.


My well wishers provide me with their feedback on every film that I do, which helps me improve my craft.


How would you describe the perfect kiss in 3 words?

A perfect kiss would leave you speechless but all in all it would be passionate.

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up?

I love making my bed

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself as a girlfriend?

You would have to ask my future boyfriend

The song that you are listening to on loop…

Wild Thoughts by Rihanna and City of Stars by La La Land

Any phobias?

Herpetophobia, especially lizards

If you weren’t an actress, you would be…?


What’s in your handbag right now?

Lip Balm

What’s the last thing you binge-watched?


How was your experience with FHM India?

I had a great time working with the FHM team. It was a fantastic day with amazing looks.



Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Film: Schindler’s List, Life is Beautiful and Sadma

Thing in your closet: White Sneakers

Fashion designer: Ralph & Russo

Sleeping position: I sleep in a curled up position

Holiday destination: Japan and Mal



Western wear or Indian wear: Both

Heels or flats: Mostly flats

Sunrise or sunsets: Sunsets

Films or web series: Both

Sweet or savoury: Savoury



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