Is KGF 3 Confirmed? Hombale Films Drops The Biggest Hint About KGF 3

On the first anniversary of KGF 2, the makers dropped a special video ‘MONSTER CUT’ that purely gave a hint of KGF 3

A year has passed since the release of KGF 2, which features Yash. The movie significantly influenced South Cinema’s future, furthering the conflict between South and Bollywood. Fans have been clamouring for a KGF 3 upgrade ever since KGF 2 was released. It appears to be happening now, too! One year after KGF 2’s debut, production company Hombale Films used Twitter to tease the third installment in a big way.




KGF Chapter 1 was released 5 years ago in 2018.


Homble Films, the company behind the KGF Movies, produced a unique video montage of KGF : Chapter 2  on their Official Twitter Account. At the end of the video, there is a hint that there may be another sequel in the works. The most powerful guy fulfilled the most powerful promise KGF 2 took us on a memorable adventure with outstanding people. An International Celebration of movies, setting new benchmarks and capturing hearts. A prosperous new year for story telling has arrived!

When video was released, fans responded favourably to the video by flooding the comments area with pleas for the release of KGF 3. There were a lot of comments expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the video, with some fans calling it a ‘GOOSEBUMPS OVERLOAD’ and saying they still felt ‘HUNGOVER’ from KGF 2, which they called the ‘Best Ever Theatre Experience’ and ‘Best Ever Movie’. However, even after releasing the video on the anniversary of KGF 2 and leaving so many hints. There has no formal information or update regarding the creation or release of KGF 3.




Actors like Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandoon pays gratitude on completing 1 year of KGF Chapter 2.


Since KGF Chapter 2’s success, Yash has not made any declarations on his upcoming release. The actor has been in hibernation mode, avoiding movies in favour of his private life. However, there have been suggestions that he may start his next project this month on the first anniversary of KGF Chapter 2. Compared to the KGF movies, the new movie is said to be a bigger, grander spectacle. Prabhas, Shruti Hassan, and Prithviraj Sukumaran star in Prashant Neel’s upcoming epic film ‘Salaar’, which is now in production. It is anticipated that the movie will come out towards the end of the year and is described as an action entertainer beyond the KGF movies.




After releasing of the video, Nitizens cant keep calm for KGF 3.


Last year in 2022, KGF Chapter 2, which was directed by Prasanth Neel and earned over 1000 crore at the box office in India, and became the highest grossing movie of the year, surpassing titles like RRR and The Kashmir Files.

As per the report, Prasanth Neel is making his own ‘Monster Universe’ which also includes ‘Salaar’ and Junior NTR’s ‘NTR 31’ along with Yash ‘KGF’.



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