People questioning Kylie’s lack of integrity as an entrepreneur and business owner. Let’s find out why are fans so devastated by Kylie Swi

While Kylie looked fiery wearing the exact designs and prints on Instagram, many who tried the same experienced the apparel being see-through and sheer.

Life is too short to wear boring swimwear! Welcome to yet another episode where we decode the trending apparel from some of the well-known brands in the fashion industry. This time around we have brought to you one such brand that has been most hyped but for gaining miserable customers. Kylie Swim, a swimwear label launched by the billionaire herself, Kylie Jenner dropped in September and fans couldn’t keep calm back then but now the brand is being bashed in every way possible. From the time she dropped the news admirers were expecting substantial swimwear, after making a mark in the beauty industry will kylie swim survive in the fashion world? Let’s find out!


Kylie Swim, the latest launch by the most followed Jenner on Instagram, well speaking of the brand, the idea behind creating the line didn’t go unnoticed. Kylie’s effort to support “every body size is unique and beautiful in its own way” was gratifying and appreciated. The collection that came out portrayed limited variety and included some six styles: the Caico one-piece bathing suit, the Cut It Out one-piece bathing suit, the one-piece Kylie bathing suit, the August one-piece bathing suit, the Triangle bikini, and the Sarong. While the brand has a wide range of sizes, the swimsuits Kylie Swim serves are just not true to its fit. Moving around in these swimsuits, especially the cut-out one can be quite a task since a slight activity can expose you.


The list of setbacks just doesn’t stop at its fit, but the quality of these swimsuits is also questioned. While Kylie looked fiery wearing the exact designs and prints on Instagram, many who tried the same experienced the apparel being see-through and sheer. If you want to go for a dip in the water with these on, you will probably be able to read care instructions through them. The quality is also lacking in the stitching part of these swimsuits, it is quite thick and can cause harsh marks and irritation on the body.


To conclude, the prints the brand offers are out of the way and speak out from the rest. The bright colors she has used are also vibrant and playful but the whole collection especially the cut-out style is quite impractical. Indeed, the effort has been put to make the collection considerable for all her devotees but the implementation lacks from areas that are of utmost importance. For us, if you fancy Kylie, you can show her your adoration and purchase the Sarong but as for the rest of the style, we can’t say the same! 



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