Angela Krislinzki – Wings & HALOS

Angela Krislinzki is making a name for herself in the Southern Film Industries, having dished out a major box office success in Rogue. In a candid conversation, we meet her jaunty and blithely side.


Name: Angela Krislinzki

Date of Birth: 21st June

From: Mumbai

Height: 5’7?

Vital Stats: 34-25-36

Zodiac Sign: Cancerian

Facebook: @angelakrislinzki

Instagram: @angelakrislinzki

Twitter: @angelakrislinzk

From reality shows to acting in films in the south, you seem to have come a long way. Tell us something about your journey.

Yes, I have come a long way. As I don’t belong to the film fraternity, for me, every chance matters a lot. So whether it was 1921 with Vikram Bhatt or Rogue with Puri Jaganadh or even performing in front of Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar in India’s Next Superstars, I treated everything like an audition. It was about proving myself and giving my best every single time. For me every opportunity counts

The tussles and fights in reality shows sure garner a lot of attention. Is the tension all real or is it made to seem so, using clever editing?

Yes, most reality shows are actually edited in that way. At times a romantic angle is inserted and at times, a fierce and animosity is shown. At the end of the day, it is the TRP that matters and crazy sensational content gives the channels the required TRP. For example with India’s Next Superstars, in the bits between the competitions, the content was quite manipulated. Showing my love angle with Aman actually gained a lot of popularity.

You already made your Bollywood debut with 1921. How different did you find the two industries?

I have worked in the south with Puri Jaganadh. He is an excellent director. He finishes his work so quickly. We finished our shoot for Rogue in almost a month which was nice. At the same time shooting in London with Vikram Bhatt for 1921 was an amazing experience in itself. He is such an intelligent director. You get to learn so much on set with him. I got to learn so much. Even if I wasn’t shooting I would be on the set to just learn and observe. The vibe on the set was amazing.


I have worked in the south with Puri Jaganadh. He is an excellent director.

What is your idea of an ideal romantic date?

I am a die-hard romantic. However, I don’t have an ideal romantic date. For me, any place with my Mr. Perfect would turn into an ideal romantic date. All the cute things like a smile, blushes, cuddles, and everything else would make it ideal. So there is no fancy place or setting as such, but any place nice with the one I love.

How will you dress seductively or naughtily for a date?

If we are going for a drive or to the theatre during the day, I will dress like myself which is quite normal mostly. If it’s a night out maybe I will dress a little seductively and naughtily. Black is my colour. I like lace. It’s my favourite thing. It makes me look pretty and automatically makes me look hot and seductive.

What is your favourite hangout spot for a romantic date?

It would be somewhere in the exterior, away from the city. It should be somewhere in nature. Maybe somewhere under the stars or somewhere near the beach. I like the beach, I like the sound it makes and it’s very peaceful. You can meditate and do a lot of nice things.

What is your ultimate fantasy?

My ultimate fantasy involves chocolate as I just love it. Now keep your guesses going , I am not going to talk much about it!

One secret about you that nobody knows?

That I am very impatient. People think that she is super calm but at times, I get very excited and hyper.

What do you find sexy in a man?

I think the way a man treats his woman and makes her feel special. That’s the sexiest thing a man can ever do. When his woman is right next to him, him making her feel like a queen, being loyal to her and ignoring other people around. That is what I am looking for in a man which is too much to ask for probably. But yeah that makes him sexy. All my exes had that quality.

What according to you is one romantic getaway destination that one simply cannot miss out on?

I love Seychelles. The water is so blue. I can just be with my boyfriend all day long on the beach. It is also very beautiful and breezy. In the night, under the stars, it’s just so beautiful. You just don’t need anything else.


I am very impatient. People think that she is super calm but at times, I get very excited and hyper.

It is said that the key to a man’s heart is through his tummy. What would you cook to impress a man?

Maybe I will cook him chicken curry. I feel my chicken curry is very nice. But I might cook him some spaghetti as well. In any case, he’s sorted. He will be in love with for the rest of his life!

One secret about women, that men should know?

That they love the idea about love and you just treat them with love and they will give everything in return. They will be faithful. They would be a good wife. Just treat them well. That’s all they crave for or at least what I crave for.

And one secret about men, that you think all women should know?

People think that women are vulnerable. But men are equally vulnerable or maybe more. They need to be comforted by women. Once you give them that comfort, and a certain kind of love and, he is all yours. That’s why men usually love their mothers so much that’s. Give them the motherly love and comfort and they will love you forever.

While working out, which part of the body do you focus most on?

While working out I focus on my legs because I like them well toned. That’s a nice part to focus on. Thanks to genetics, I am blessed with quite a slender upper body but I need to work on my legs.

How should a guy ask you out?

A guy should just be upfront and ask me out because I think that shows confidence. It is nice if someone just comes up to you and asks you out, rather than play mind games because nobody likes drama these days.

What items do you have hidden under your nightstand or bed?

So in my nightstand I have my eye cream and my night cream. I have a diary as I write down everything that I am thankful for throughout the day.

When all alone at home, what do you like to dress in?

I like to dress in something very comfortable. Something in silk which is smooth and nice on my skin. Or else shorts and t-shirts are always fine. It basically has to be very comfortable


A guy should just be upfront and ask me out because I think that shows confidence.


Your first celebrity girl crush?

Megan Fox

How comfortable are you with PDA?

I am a complete PDA fan

Who should take charge in bed – you or your partner?

It depends. I like to take control at times but I also like my man to take control too

One fan given sexy nickname that you really like?

Aynlinzki. I really like that

Any phobias?


What title would you give to your Autobiography?

Angel in the skies 



 Favourite Sport: Throwball

Favourite Dating app: Never been on one

Favourite Car: My BMW

Favourite accessories: Handbags

Favourite holiday destination: London

Favourite Cuisine: Chinese

Favourite TV Shows: Game of Thrones and Gossip girl

Favourite position to sleep in: I like to curl my body and sleep sideways 



 As a girlfriend: 10 on 10

 As a style icon: Maybe 7

As a kisser: 8

As a cook: 8

In foreplay: 7 or 8

In Bed: 



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