Here’s What Guys Actually Think About Nudes!


Usually, women are under the impression that men are only interested in their nudes. We asked 5 guys what they actually think about this. Read on!

If you’re a girl, chances are that at least once in your life, you must have been asked to send your nude pictures. In some cases, ‘pressured’ might actually be the right term. For better or for worse, sending and receiving such pictures has become the norm now as sexting has become a normal part of relationships nowadays. So, there’s no use pretending it doesn’t happen. Sometimes, guys do pressurize their girlfriends or even random, unknown girls into sending them nude pictures. This has resulted in women developing the misconception that men are only interested in nudes and sexting and nothing else!

Let us break this myth for you today! Men actually do place more emphasis on other, more important parts of a relationship like love and understanding rather than nudes! So, we asked 5 men what they actually feel about receiving and sending nudes. It definitely touched on an interesting point about just how much men place emphasis on naughty photos in a relationship. So go on, read their views.

Sexting has become an important part of relationships these days, especially in long-distance ones.

1. It’s a good surprise when you get it unexpectedly. You feel valued and trusted, and those are the best feelings in the world. And if you ask first and your partner complies, it makes you believe that they are ready to do things to make you happy. Of course, it goes without saying, if they do not feel safe sharing pictures, you don’t ask.

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There is a definite allure in clicking nude pictures, it can make women feel empowered and confident.

2. When I receive nude pictures unexpectedly, that’s the best because obviously, it comes as a surprise and instantly lifts my mood. On the other hand, asking for nudes is very risky for a relationship because of various reasons. So, I think I am always up for a surprise one.

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Clicking racy pictures of yourself can help you get over any critique you might have about your own body. 

3. Well, it depends on the context. If a girl is sending me nudes out of nowhere, then that is going to be slightly creepy and weird. But if we’re together, AND I’ve asked for it, then I think sending/receiving nudes isn’t a problem. It will make me feel nice.

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However, keep in mind, receiving unsolicited nude pictures is never a nice experience; for anyone!

4. If I do ask for nude pictures, then I will obviously like it if I receive them. But I think I will only ever ask my girlfriend so I think it would feel nice. If I do get them unexpectedly, then I would definitely ask her why she sent them if we know each other. But if she’s a stranger, I will either ignore or delete it.

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Sending and receiving naughty pictures can actually help you build more trust in your partner.

5. Obviously, I would never ask any random girl for nude pictures. But I would ask for nude pictures from my girlfriend and I would expect her to send them. But I would not force her to send them if she was uncomfortable with it, they’re not that important to sustain a relationship.

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We would definitely end the article by saying that although you might enjoy sending/receiving nudes from your partner, it is never okay to force someone to send such pictures. So, if you don’t wish to send your naughty pictures, you can simply refuse. Remember, consent is sexy and is a must when it comes to such stuff!

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