Baseer Ali – Hyderabad Heartthrob

We ask Reality TV star and model, Baseer Ali, on what makes him go weak in his knees and his idea of fitness.

Baseer Ali does not believe in crash diets. And you might just find him eating cheesy fries. What he believes is in having the will power to stay fit. With a massive fan following on Social Media and touted as the most desirable man in Hyderabad, Baseer shot to fame with MTV’s reality shows Roadies and Splitsvilla. After a successful stint in reality TV shows, he now wants to focus on modeling.

Q- You are well known for Roadies and then you went on to win Splitsvilla. Are you still getting all the love from your fans?
A- I’ve been counting my blessings since Roadies. There has been a strong connect with my audience. I was always hungry for love, so for me, the more, the better.

Q- Give us one tip to maintain a lean body.
A- Eat, train, rest and repeat.

Q- How do you maintain your physique?
A- I try to make sure I hit the gym everyday for 30 minutes at least. Skipping a session is not a big deal as long as I manage to balance it with nutrition. I ensure I get enough rest. It’s very important.

Basser 2

Skipping a session is not a big deal as long as I manage to balance it with nutrition.

Q- We are stepping into the festive season, so how excited are you to binge on?
A- Very excited. Though, it’s always a festive season in the showbiz.

Q- What are the three things that you cannot live without?
A- Hyderabadi cuisine, a pair of sunglasses and a mirror to keep me busy.

Q- What food you crave for most, but avoid?
A- Anything with loads of cheese. But you have to keep those abs visible, right?

Baseer Ali

Anything with loads of cheese. But you have to keep those abs visible, right?

Q- What are your plans for the coming year?
A- To be a superstar and to excel in the field I choose to pursue. I have just turned 23, so I am still figuring what I should chase. I have shortlisted my options though.

Q- If you have to choose between modeling and acting, what would you choose, and why?
A- Modeling, because I can be exactly who I am as a model. For acting, I would have to get out of my shoes and I don’t think I am ready for it.

Q- What is your idea of being fit?
A- It is an asset. Fitness, if maintained properly, is a gift. You can be healthy, positive, confidant, and most importantly, you can set an example for other people.

Baseer Ali 2

You can be healthy, positive, confidant, and most importantly, you can set an example for other people.

Q- Describe yourself in one word.
A- Trouble.

Q- Your tip for aspiring models…
A- Nothing is more dangerous than a confident man. Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses. Always keep on learning. No time is ever free.

Baseer Ali 1

Nothing is more dangerous than a confident man. Make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses.



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