Lavish Circle Of Midriff

Let All The Eyes Stare At You With This Treasure That Your Heart Will Definitely Desire Once You Add It To Your Priced Possessions.

Every man wants to possess an energy that reflects their personality. From looks to conversations, everything on a man and inside his heart speaks a lot about their mindset and character. And every man has his own preference when it comes to picking up things that suit him the best.

We’re here to present you with an accessory so that you’ll be aware of how a straightforward accessory may not only boost your style but also accomplish the job properly in terms of conveying your endearing personality. This month we’ve found the most expensive belt in the world for you.

Stuart Hughes is renowned for his glitzy accessorising of well-liked add-ons. In fact, he enjoys enhancing his Midas touch persona. Transforming the Gucci belt into a stunning  piece of diamond accessory, Hughes brought something sophisticated to life. And trust us, this is definitely something every man would desire to own.

Known in the world as the priciest accessory in the belt catalogue, this is a replication of class and elegance. The most expensive belt in the world features a buckle which is made of premium platinum and cast into the outlines of the Gucci emblem. The stunning Goldstriker belt supports the belt’s claim to be the most deer-adorned with its 30 carats of flawless diamonds, which sit elegantly on the double G sign.

Collaboration between Gucci, a Florentine fashion and leather goods brand, and Goldstriker International, the global leader in customised luxury gifts and gadgets, has resulted in the creation of the most sumptuous and expensive Goldstriker belt. The asking price is a staggering $250,000 dollars. This belt is a classy representation of fine craftsmanship as well as an accessory that will surely make heads turn when one will enter a room. You can get this for a very special friend, but something like this will melt your heart to keep it as a priced possession for yourself. Why is it so unique, then? Stuart Hughes is responsible forit, along with his talent for spotting the most exquisite items to put in his goods. A person’s entire life savings are approximately equal in value to the 30-carat diamonds that are hand-encrusted into each buckle of this belt.

Not only this belt is something that will surely elevate your style but will also be an investment for your wardrobe collection. The belt is a custom-made version of the classic Gucci belt, but the trademark ‘Double G’ Gucci insignia is enhanced with a golden belt buckle. Because the one G is coated totally with 30 carats of diamonds, the buckle is much more valuable.



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