Let’s Watch K-drama In Winter Cosy Nights

All K-Drama lovers, get ready to watch some drama with your loved ones this winter on cosy nights. Read it out.

The chilly nights and foggy mornings are the indications that winter is finally here. This season is all about being comfortable and warm in comforting clothes while relishing your meal. All we want to do is curl up on a comfortable couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a partner to cuddle. Even without a partner, you can enjoy the winter all by yourself doing Netflix and chill while enjoying your food at home. 

So, if you’ve also planned to spend your weekend at home and enjoy chilly windy nights by watching movies and drama. Here, we are excited to tell you some romantic and full of mystery K-dramas which you can add to your watchlist. It will be your perfect heartwarming escape from this bitter cold winter and keep you hooked to the screen.

Let’s have a look:

When the weather is fine

Streaming on- Netflix








When the Weather Is Fine is a wholesome K-drama which captures the beauty of interesting daily events in each character’s life. It is a serene yet emotionally charged drama that revolves around the lives of two characters seeking solace and healing in a quaint countryside. The story unfolds as Mok Hae-won, played by Park Min-young, returns to her hometown to escape the hustle of city life. The drama beautifully captures the healing process as Hae-won reconnects with her past and finds unexpected love. With its breathtaking landscapes and poignant storytelling, this drama stands out as a heartfelt exploration of personal growth and human connections.

Sky Castle

Streaming on: Netflix








Sky Castle takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the competitive and cutthroat world of South Korea’s elite society. This gripping drama delves into the lives of wealthy families living in the exclusive Sky Castle neighbourhood, where the pressure to succeed academically becomes a matter of life and death. The intense plot twists and societal critique make “Sky Castle” a thought-provoking commentary on the high-stakes world of education and social status in South Korea.


Streaming on- Netflix








Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, known as “Goblin,” combines fantasy, romance, and drama in a visually stunning narrative. The story follows Kim Shin, an immortal goblin played by Gong Yoo, who seeks redemption and an end to his immortal life. The drama masterfully weaves together supernatural elements with a poignant love story, exploring themes of destiny and the afterlife. With its mesmerizing cinematography and compelling characters, “Goblin” has become a beloved classic in the world of K-dramas.

Romance Is a Bonus Book

Streaming on- Netflix








Romance Is a Bonus Book provides a delightful and heartwarming take on love and second chances. The drama revolves around the lives of Cha Eun-ho, a successful writer played by Lee Jong-suk, and Kang Dan-yi, a talented editor portrayed by Lee Na-young, who is trying to restart her career after facing setbacks. The series skillfully blends romance, humour, and workplace dynamics, offering a refreshing perspective on love that goes beyond the conventional tropes.

Crash Landing on You

Streaming on: Netflix








Crash Landing on You takes K-drama enthusiasts on a cross-border romance filled with humour, suspense, and heartwarming moments. Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-jin, accidentally paraglides into North Korea, where she encounters Ri Jeong-hook, portrayed by Hyun Bin, a North Korean officer. The drama navigates the challenges of their unconventional love story, providing a glimpse into the cultural and political differences between North and South Korea. “Crash Landing on You” has gained international acclaim for its engaging plot and strong performances.




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