Things To Do On Your First Date In Delhi

Figuring out your first dates can be complicated and you might think a lot about whether to go for a romantic date or an adventurous one.

Getting dates is difficult but what to do after getting a date is also not an easy step. If you have known the person for a long time and you have been friends for long, then you might know the best place that you two would get along. But if you are meeting someone new and are meeting them for the first time, these things might be complicated. In Delhi, there are many things that you can do and you might want to read till the end to choose the perfect option for your first date. Let’s dive into some of the best options for your first date.

1) Going for games and adventure



Try and note down small things to know the person better



Games and adventure can be a very nice thing to do and try to understand the person. You can go with them to a water park (advisable only in the summer), to adventure island or to a gaming alley. This would be the perfect date since you can still talk to the person and start to know his likes and dislikes. At the same time, you are having fun, through these exciting and adventure games. In addition to being able to enjoy a fun game in a relaxed setting, you will also have access to some amazing arcade games, snacks, and drinks if you need a brief break. You shouldn’t be concerned about what to wear because you as well as your date will be wearing bowling shoes, so wear comfy pants and a cute shirt. Not to mention, the bowling alley offers numerous low-pressure opportunities for you and your companion to overcome the contact barrier. You can transmit a sense of fun in a completely non threatening way by sharing a high-five after just a perfect strike.

2) Street Food Hopping



                                                                      Cheap dates with high quality food for a date is the best thing one can ask for



This is a well tried and tested method and can be the easiest since everyone loves street food. But the only question that remains is what kind of street food does your date like? People can have different tastes but the love of street food resides in every single person residing in Delhi. Delhi is a delight in many ways, but the megacity’s street food culture is something totally unique. The culinary scene in the Indian capital reflects the city’s variety, so don’t be surprised to find Middle Eastern cuisine brought by the Mughals as well as Punjabi pleasures, with a plethora of other alternatives in between. These various influences combine delightfully, rendering Delhi a member of the world’s gastronomic capitals. Every day, millions of workers, shoppers, and others are fed by the best street cuisine in Delhi, which defies the innocence of taste buds and appetites. There are many incredible things to experience in Delhi, but even those wishing to reach the heart of the city should head straight because of its street food.

3) Good Old Coffee Date



Nothing can go wrong in a good old coffee date on a first date



A coffee date is one of the best ideas and would be the ideal time because of the chilly Delhi winters. There are a lot of benefits when you go out for a cup of coffee on your first date. Coffee dates are not expensive at all and you can just wear your casual outfit for this. You can sip on the hot coffee and brew some interesting conversations. The most vital advice for having a fantastic coffee date is to choose a suitable location. Do not  Choose a secluded cafe in a less-populated neighborhood. If you’re meeting this individual for the first time, choose a safe area where you’ll be surrounded by other people, even if not many. The timing of the date is also very significant for a coffee date. Coffee after lunch is not a good idea, and you may even not be able to prolong the coffee date with far more than one cup. Try to schedule a late morning or early evening coffee date when coffee is at its best. A late-night coffee date is likewise highly romantic and conveys the  conversations for hours, and get to know more about the other person’s personality. 

For decades, dates have always revolved around a movie and dinner. And we can all admit that when consecutive candle-lit meals become a little monotonous, it’s time to shake things up. So here were some date ideas that don’t entail going out to eat. So, after reading these suggestions, which one will you use on your next date?




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