Types of People at Every Party

As we welcomed 2023 in our own style, a variety of folks have their own way of ringing in the new year. You are familiar with at least one of each, I’m sure.

  1. The resolution maker




Have you made your 2023 resolution?



Everyone has that one friend who has had it and is bragging about the upcoming year (even though it is not going to happen ever). He believes that one night will change his/her decades-long habits for the good, grant him superhuman strength, and, not to mention, make him understand that he must do something about his sloth.

  1. The philosopher




Iykyk kinda situation for those who know where this picture is from.



This individual appears out of nowhere, preaching to everyone about the different aspects of the world they are unaware of and endowed with the mind of philosophers. This person has always been a member of the group, but the fuel kicked him to demonstrate to everyone how the consumption of alcohol is closely correlated with intellectual growth. Bottoms up is the answer to any issue, no matter how small or large.

  1. The Unstoppables




You can’t stop them from having fun.



They are having a party. They make sure everyone around them joins them for a party. They make sure everything is great at the party, and that is exactly why we call them the unstoppable. No matter if there is an earthquake, tsunami, or any other calamity, these people know how to make their way to keep the party going.

  1. The Weeper




Crying their hearts out, these weepers might just make you sad at a party. No offense.



Can someone please tell them to enjoy and let others also enjoy the party? One or two weepers with more alcohol in their eyes than in their hands can be seen at the new year’s celebration, crying their hearts out for their ex and talking about previous breakups. They have experienced a difficult life, and at this point, their craziness seems uncontrollable.

  1. The selfie lover




No one can escape from the camera of the selfie queen.



We all know these people who just can’t get enough of their selfies. Unable to maintain composure and senses, the selfie-taker chooses all possible filters and considers the positions he or she needs for tonight.

  1. The over-excited ones




They have their battery bars full when it comes to partying.



A person who is ecstatic and high on energy proteins and steroids may even pass this feeling onto you if you come into contact with them. They are the ones who keep the party going, and the Unstoppables get along great with them because to their positive attitudes.

  1. The introvert




Everyone of us have been where we wanted to be in that comfortable space as well.



You can never get them to that happening party EVER! They like their New Year within their comfort zones by keeping it simple. New Year’s eve is just another relaxing night for them to chill in their fuzzy blanket, eating some good food while watching a good movie. And honestly, while partying, we all have wanted the same comfort.

  1. The family is everything person




They love making efforts for their loved ones.



We all know some people in our groups who are dedicated to making New Year’s eve special for their loved ones. No matter what, they put all their efforts into making a party happen with the whole family together by arranging some great food, good drinks, fun games, and everything nice.



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