Katy Johnson – Babe of the Month

Katy Johnson is an American actress, model, and show host. After a long stint in a series of films and television and magazine cover shoots, she is currently working on her documentary one Model Mission, in which she intends to visit 196 countries and document 196 definitions of beauty as defined by each culture. The film was inspired by Katy’s own personal struggles with body image and the demands for ‘ideal perfection’ in the entertainment industry.


Age: 29

Born: April 16,1988

From: Boone,Lowa,USA

Current living in: Los Angeles



Love or lust: LOVE

Hot or cold: Hot

Sensual or edgy: Sensual

Sports to meditation: Meditation

Snowfall or beach: Beach

Inside or outside: Outside

Charming or sexy: Charming

Rebellion or control: Rebellion

Ice or fire: Ice

Books or gadget: Books

Live-in or marriage: Marriage

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert



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