Top 5 Movies/Shows That Are A Must Watch This September

Movies, shows and sports are the main source of entertainment in the lives of the people. OTT platforms and cinemas provide us with the opportunity to watch our favorite shows and movies every month

OTT Platforms have provided a certain dimension to the actors, directors and producers and it has generated an even wider audience since the start of covid 19. Every month the audience anticipates the release of some great shows and movies. Let’s see some movies and shows that cannot be missed. 

1) Jamtara

Netflix has released the Jamtara Season 2 trailer, and everything in it will have you wondering what will happen next. The teaser’s eye-catching sneak peaks show how the phishing market has grown since the last time. In the most recent season, which also features additional plots and undiscovered dangers, old rivalries and fresh people are mingled together. The first season of the show attracted a lot of attention and quickly gained a reputation for phishing. The show, which was based on true incidents, brought phishing scams to the nation’s attention at a degree never previously seen. With the prevalence of cybercrime increasing and season two of the programme coming back stronger than ever, it promises to demonstrate how the young con artists in Jamtara have expanded their methods and invented phishing after hitting a brick wall.


The new season of Jamtara will be released on Netflix on 23rd September 2022

2) Thor : Love and Thunder 

One of the most awaited Marvel movies, Thor : Love and Thunder is coming to an OTT platform this month. On September 8, the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and English versions of the Marvel superhero movie Thor: Love and Thunder will be available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar. It is Thor: Ragnarok’s 2017 follow-up and the 29th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Taika Waititi, Russell Crowe, and Natalie Portman all appear in the Taika Waititi-directed movie. Early in July, it was released in theaters and generated more than Rs. 100 crore in India.


Thor was one of the movies which the Indian audience absolutely loved in cinemas

3) Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer

The first episode of the Indian true-crime documentary series Indian Predator, which launched on Netflix in July, focused on the murders committed by Chandrakant Jha, also known as the Butcher of Delhi. Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer’s sophomore season premieres on September 7, and India Today Originals, the digital division of India Today TV, is in charge of producing it. Raja Kolander, an accused cannibal who has killed more than 15 people, will be the main focus of this season. When he murdered a journalist, his diary came to light and revealed his prior atrocities in horrifying detail.


Indian Predator: Butcher of Delhi got an IMDB rating of 6.0 but fans expect the new series to be much better 

4) Ben stokes : Phoenix From the Ashes

If you are a sports lover and a person who loves to watch documentaries, this is just the perfect fit for you. Ben Stokes, the test captain for England, is featured in the deeply personal documentary Ben Stokes: Phoenix from the Ashes, which is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

The one-off show was created in association with Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes, who also speaks with Stokes in an on-screen interview. The programme details the remarkable cricket career of Ben Stokes, including his 2019 World Cup triumph and the time he announced his retirement from the game to focus on his mental health following the death of his father from brain cancer.


Ben Stokes, telling how he felt during his ups and downs that took place in his career till now is very moving

5) Brahmastra

The most anticipated movie of the year is finally going to be in cinemas soon. The producers and the whole crew including the cast have left no stone unturned and have given their everything to the movie. The story of Bhahmastra is also fascinating, Shiva embarks on a journey of self-discovery and love in this tale. He will encounter other wicked entities who pose a threat to our existence along the way. The movie theaters are going to be filled again and the number of shows have also increased since the tickets were made available. 



This is Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s first movie together and fans hope it is a blockbuster at the box office



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