7 Villains That We Were Difficult Not To fall For


You may lie in front of people about liking the heroes, but these villains are the ones who won your hearts with their character and charm.

Gone are the days when people used to sympathize with the good ones and hate the bad guys in the movies or web series. And why not? The looks and charm that these bad boys have is something that none of us could resist rooting for them. So here are the villains we definitely don’t hate.

1. Loki from Marvel Cinematic Universe


Undoubtedly Loki has done some awful things.

We all are aware that Loki is probably the only villain in the Marvel cinematic universe with such a great fan following. This popularity has taken place due to the complexity that the character has and if there would be a comparison between him and the Marvel heroes, we wouldn’t disagree that we like him better than some of the heroes. Undoubtedly Loki has done some awful things including the way he betrayed Thor, but his love for Asgard and his family softened our hearts. If you think of it, he only wanted to grow out of Thor’s shadow and become a true king for his people.

2. Kai Parker from The Vampire Diaries


Kai Parker is one sexy villain we love.

First of all, can we appreciate the witty humor of this oh-so-sexy villain without any bias? Other than the fact that he never took Caroline’s name properly, we wish we could see more of him with spin-offs like the Originals. The savage, carefree, and funny behavior of Kai Parker is what made us root for him.

3. Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones


Cersei is a strong woman who would do anything to protect her loved ones.

She personifies what a strong lady should be. Because they “made a fool of her,” she really set a chunk of the city on fire. She will do whatever it takes to maintain her position on the throne since she is passionate about her family and making sure that her dynasty survives. Despite the fact that she is a wicked, cunning person, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

4. Lord Voldemort from the Harry Porter franchise


Voldemort harassed Harry Potter and the gang for the entire series.

Ralph Fiennes’ character, He Who Must Not Be Named, harassed Harry Potter and the gang for the duration of the entire series after killing the boy wizard’s parents when he was a baby. But aside from his thirst for “blood purity,” the Dark Lord was a terrifying sight to see due to his horrific visage. Not at all.

5. Klaus Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries


Klaus portrayed that there is so much more to know about him.

The hottest of the Originals, the immortal guy, a heartless villain with the sexiest British accent. Is that not enough to love him? Well, as the Vampire Diaries went on, Klaus Mikaelson portrayed that there is so much more to know about him than just his unconventional methods of ripping the hearts out of an innocent soul. One thing that tops everything is his efforts to always do the right thing for his family which we can even see in the spin-off, The Originals.

6. Draco Malfoy from the Harry Porter franchise


Just because he was a Malfoy, everyone neglected his brilliant academics.

He was definitely the stereotypical rich-kid bully in the beginning, but as the show went on, you can see him wrestle with the conflict between wanting to be himself and being prepared to serve Lord Voldemort. He was a brilliant student who excelled in his classes, but no one noticed that since he was a Malfoy. He has such a compelling, introspective character arc that spans the entire series and the Cursed Child production.

7. Regina George from The Mean Girls


Do you also agree that Regina did what was right from her perspective? 

Surely this rich brat was a bitch in the movie, but at least she wasn’t dumb like Cady and definitely was the main character who stole the show. Regina had layers, whereas Cady was somewhat two-dimensional. I believe a recounting of the narrative from her perspective is long overdue.

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