Let’s Decode the Physical Transformation of Bobby Deol in Animal

Decode the detailed physical transformation of Bobby Deol that inspired many youngsters and won everyone’s hearts.

Before getting into the details of the jaw-dropping physical transformation of Bobby Deol, do you know the rollercoaster ride of Bobby Deol’s Career? First, let’s talk about the career of Bobby Deol which was not as great as other actors of his time but he made it again in his career’s second-innings.

Bobby Deol made his debut in the year 1995 with ‘Barsaat’ opposite Twinkle Khanna which bagged him a Filmfare Award for Best Debut Actor, followed by lots of ups and downs where some of his films were working and some weren’t working.

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There was a time when Deol had no work from 2004 to 2013, and if he was doing any film, it went box-office disasters. However, in 2018 he finally got the chance to work in the biggest film of that year, and it was Race 3. Although, Race 3 was not that great movie Deol got a chance to revive his career. It was his comeback in Bollywood but up to the mark which continues with the 2019 underwhelming film ‘Housefull 4’.

Despite being part of commercial success, Deol was still searching for one such movie in which he could showcase his acting range. And, he finally got Class of 83 (produced by Red Chillies Entertainment) and Ashram (directed by Prakash Jha) which instantly hit the critics and made him one of the most talented actors from the 90s.

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After the successful run of the Ashram, people are anticipated to see Bobby Deol gain on bring screen as it is said it will be the best comeback in the history of Bollywood not just because of the film he is doing but because of the conviction and trust Sandeep Reddy Vanga shown for Deol in Animal.

The way Deol worked on his physique is quite commendable and it looks terrific on the big screen. So, let’s decode the transformation that he managed to do in just four months before starting the shooting for Animal.

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Bobby Deol should be seen as Broader than Ranbir Kapoor

Sandeep Reddy Vanga wanted Bobby Deol to be seen more physically broader than Ranbir Kapoor which played a major role in the character of Deol. Hence, he told Bobby to undergo specific physical training to make his physique look broader and more significant. On Sandeep’s instruction, Deol broadened his chest to look prominent in front of Ranbir Kapoor.

40-Minutes High Intense Cardio twice a day was Deol’s Mantra

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For his intense cardio, Bobby reduced his fat percentage to 12, which clearly how much he was into in his training mode. With this cardio, his weight also fluctuated only between 85 and 90, whose whole credit goes to his highly intense cardio which he follows in both morning and evening.

Eating Sweets for four months was a sin for Bobby Deol

Despite being a Punjabi boy, Deol isn’t so much a foodie which helps him to be on a strict diet. Keeping him away from sweets was a little difficult but to achieve his monstrous look he strictly followed the “No Sweet” Policy for straight four months.

Bobby Deol







His diet plan for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

For his diet, he used to take eggs as soon as he woke up, and for breakfast, he was only on Oatmeal. Bobby added some chicken and rice to his lunch. Bobby’s evening diet consisted of salads, and for dinner, the actor once again had chicken or fish. The diet used to be designed to include a balance of fats, proteins, and carbs.

Functional Training became his best friend during his training

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Cardio, weightlifting, and functional training comprised Bobby Deol’s rigorous training regimens. He achieved the physique with the aid of weight and cardio, but functional training was essential to his physical development. Bobby’s suppleness and coordination in the movies have improved his whole demeanor even with his extremely powerful build.

Bobby Deol achieved this monstrous physique at the age of 54. Should you try this regime to get this type of transformation? How much time do you need to achieve this type of body?



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