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What could be better than sitting anywhere in the world and gathering all the happenings of the world? A great reader knows where to find the hot-shot news and gossip, in a magazine. Good books might give you lessons for your whole life, but a good magazine will give you a lot more than just lessons. If you are having trouble finding just the right magazine, don’t worry, we are here to help you out. FHMax is your destination to find the right magazine for just about anything.

With a wide range of interesting reads and all the details about the world, FHMax is here to entertain you by introducing you to our vast range of magazines. With three amusing magazines available for you to set your eyes on, you can relax while sipping coffee and read all the fascinating pieces we have for you.
FHMax is giving away a steal-deal for anybody who wants to indulge in the beauty of reading. From combos to digital as well print issues have amazing offers with discounts, you would not want to miss a chance to grab the deal ASAP.


L’Officiel has established itself for more than a decade.

L’Officiel: Speaking of one of the magazines that are trending accessories the Bible of luxury and fashion, L’Officiel is the one where you can find everything from must-haves to all those trending accessories. L’Officiel has established itself for more than a decade. It gives you the experience of reading about the huge variety of content including fashion trends going around in India and globally and even the right choices for your beauty. Not just that, but all the information you need to know about the world of beauty is written by the masters of fashion.


FHM is a Premium Men’s Magazine that has super exciting stuff and important tips for modern men.

FHM: The For Him Magazine is clearly the right choice for all the men out there like it is a perfect blend of content related to men’s lifestyles and so much more as an entertainment-filled package. It is one magazine that is most talked about as it has a bit of everything one would like to read about. Other than its classic photoshoots with gorgeous models as well as celebrities, it provides you with stories related to entertainment, nightlife, a sneak peek into your favourite celebrity’s life and favourably important tips for the man of the modern world.


Diabetic Living is India’s largest selling health and fitness magazine.

Diabetic Living: India’s largest selling health magazine, Diabetic Living exhibits the great and easy ways to lead a healthy life each day and that too while maintaining and controlling diabetes. From delicious recipes which are diabetes-friendly to easy and fun exercises, Diabetic helps its readers to aim for a great healthy lifestyle with its tricks and fun facts.

FHMax is giving not just one but so many offers to its readers. With amazing discounts on the purchase of print as well as digital issues, FHMax’s subscription is clearly what you need to avail of right now. So, now you know what to read for spectacular content and trends going on in the world.



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