The Beauty With a Touch of Spirituality – Meet Sigal Acon

 Meet Sigal Acon, the ethereal beauty who tries to add a touch of spirituality to her life through her living style and her choices.

Team Credits:
Photographer: Natalia Vialkova @photonata
Stylist and makeup: Maxim Strizhenov @max_strizhenov
Model: Sigal Acon @sigalblonde

The ethereal beauty that graced the January edition of FHM, Sigal Acon has curves to die for and some great principles to live your life by. This digital creator aims to make content that makes people happy and helps them forget about their problems for a while. For her, her physical and mental health come first and her focus is on taking care of her soul and body. When asked for some advice for our readers she only wished love and kindness to everyone in their hearts. As she graced this month’s cover, we had an enlightening conversation with her about her passions, turn-ons, future projects, and much, much more.

Welcome to FHM Sigal. How was your experience with the shoot? What was your most favourite part of it?

Hi FHM! To begin with, my experience with the shoot was quite amazing. I just focused on how I could bring maximum positivity during the process so that people could feel some nice energy.

Looking through your social media pages, we could discern you take your fitness seriously. What is your secret to keeping your body fit and healthy?

The secret to my fitness is actually very easy and happens to have some ancient roots. I lead a vegetarian life and do yoga regularly. Some people just naturally have that amazing fitness, but I prefer to follow the ancient instructions.




I lead a vegetarian life and do yoga regularly.



Now let’s talk a little bit about your profession. What is it like being a digital creator and what led you to pursue this career?

Being a digital creator is both fun and difficult at the same time. My goal is to give beauty and love to this world. So, I try to make content that can make people happy and help them forget about their problems for a while.

How do you manage to stay beautiful and feminine and have a successful career at the same time?

Oh, this part is fairly easy! I love being a woman, but the secret is always in maintaining the balance between being feminine and being successful. I just try to remain in balance and that helps a lot.

What are the 5 most important things to you?

First up, it is taking care of my mental and physical health. Then come reading, doing yoga, singing, and eating clean food. These things are important to take care of the soul and the body.



 I always try to remember – less thinking, and more action




Tell us a little bit about your dreams. Is there something specific that you have always wished to achieve in life?

When I was thinking of going to university, my first choice was to go to the Academy of Acting. But, during that year, all the places were occupied and so I went to the University Faculty of Music. But I would still love to act in some movies.

What is the one quote that had a great impact on your life? And how?

“To know is to do,” that’s the quote that has had the most impact on me. It is so easy and great and I always try to remember – less thinking, and more action. The result and future are always kind to brave people.

What is the biggest turn-on for you? And what is the biggest turn-off?

I would say that my biggest turn-on is intelligence. It is unbeatable! As for the biggest turn-off, it is bad manners, it is something I don’t like.




Humans are a huge world in themselves with good, and bad sides.



What are the qualities you look for in a romantic partner?

I don’t have any list of desirable qualities. I don’t look at my partners like a doll in a shop. Humans are a huge world in themselves with good and bad sides. What is most important are the frequencies between us.

Tell us about your passions. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What excites you the most?

I am a romantic and a believer. So, I wake up with thoughts about how to make the day and the world better. That’s the most exciting thing for me.

Do you have some advice for our readers?

I am not sure I can give any advice to people. But I wish more kindness and love to everyone in their hearts.




I try to make content that can make people happy and help them forget
about their problems for a while.



It’s time to talk about your future projects. Is there something special brewing that you’d like to share with us? Any special upcoming projects?

Only time will show my future projects. But for now, I am just doing what I have to and will continue working.




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