Check Out This Book of Dead To Gamble Your Guts Out Online!

Online Casinos Are The Modern Way Of Gambling. We Have Bought The Ins And Outs Of One of The Most Popular Slot Game There is, Check It Out! 

Investing your money at the right place and from the right time has always been suggested to us by our elders and people who are influencers. But as the times have changed, the investment business has taken up the pace.

Not only opening many new doors, but it has also ramped up the amount involved by a colossal margin. There are two types of investment; Risky and Non-Risky. Non-risky investments have marginally lesser profit margins and returns and Risky investments include the risk of making your investment zero or double in a blimp.

Talking about risky endeavours today, this strategy has influenced many throughout the year and has moved people from bottom to top. Some people like to risk it all, it gives them a thrill and an adrenaline rush that no other thing can. One of these risky investments is Gambling. Some people live on gambling for their whole life but on the contrary, some people have lost all there is to invest with them.

In today’s online digital era, casinos games have paved the way. So, combining everything said above, we have brought a risky investment that if won against all odds, will make you even with life!

casinos and gambling
Talking about risky endeavours today, this strategy has influenced many throughout the year and has moved people from bottom to top.

What Is It?

From the world of Slots, we bought a game that has not only recently ramped up like fire in a forest but has limitless potential when it comes to gaining the return on investment. The game is called “Book of Dead” and is available on many online popular casinos.

At the first glance, you will notice something different going on. The game was launched by Play’N Go in 2014 and is in great demand in 2021. The whole theme of this slot game is based on the Ancient Egyptian School of treasures. It is believed that Egypt civilisation was one of the wealthiest in the Middle East in ancient times and they had a lot of treasure and prestigious jewels.

Talking about some technicalities, Book of dead has 5 reels, 10 adjustable pay lines, and 3 rows. It is not very hard to play but as all slot games work, based on mere luck. But there are some tricks from our book that we can share that would not only help in understanding you about Books of dead but also would increase your chances of winning. Let’s go!

casinos and gambling
At the first glance, you will notice something different going on. 

Tips To Keep in Mind

Don’t Waste Free Promotions and Deals

The most prominent advantage you get in the world of online casinos and gambling is the upper hand of free promotions and gift deals. Most of the online casinos give free spins and deals with registering for the first time and many more attractive offers.

Most of the players tend to not know what they are doing and ultimately the promotional coins or spins go to waste. Do your research and then play according to that. You will never get the promotional deals back.

Reading The Paylines 

Paylines are the connecting lines on each reel that can be straight or zig-zagged depending on the casino. They are very easy to read and often we do not pay required heed to the pay lines. These lines represent the reels that denoted the symbols on which the bet has been made.

There is always a pattern that these pay lines are based upon. Book of Dead has 10 adjustable pay lines which can be selected according to your preference for a single round. We recommend you to bet on all lines because of the risk that is included, go all in baby!

Usually, payline configuration is given on the information menu available to you before placing your bet, you can check that for further reference.

The Wager, Higher The Profit

The wager is nothing but the amount that you are betting from. So, the rule is simple, Higher the wager, the higher the profit. High wager yields higher profits which cannot make you rich but also increase the understanding of the game.

You can get as high as 5000x of the amount that you have betted upon. For example, If you make a bet of Rs. 2,000, if all the odds are with you, you can get as much as Rs. 10,00,000. Sounds fascinating right?

Knowing Your Symbols 

As you must have known till now, the Book of Dead is all about symbols and Egyptian ancestry. So, we will help you in knowing what kind of symbols you are dealing with.

  • Golden Book Symbol will yield you a whopping 200 times your initial wager.
  • Golden Book Symbol is also equivalent to a wild symbol, which means that using with any symbol will yield the desired result.
  • Expanding symbol is said to expand and cover the entire cost of your reel.
  • Riche Wild symbol represents the higher possible payout of 5000x.
  • 10, J, Q,& K are the low paying symbols.


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